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Small Talk, Life Lessions (Rel and Kobor)

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by Cadet Kobor Tumar
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Small Talk, Life Lessons

(Log of Rel and Kobor)

Rel was laying in his hammock out front of the cadet quarter. It was a pleasant fall day with a mild breeze coming off the ocean. He was looking over some data pads on ancient weapons…… out of the corner of his eye he saw his roommate approach.

Earlier in the morning he had a feeling that Kobor was not himself so he decided to give him extra personal space. The vulcan turned to greet him and tumbled to the ground.

"You should be more careful," Kobor said with a slight growl. He extended his paw but not his claws to help Rel up. He looked him in the eye. "I have done as much of my martial art moves as i am going to do today. Cadet Nightwind said she would show me moves her people perform that are more in line with my situation." He paused. "More claw," and showed them to Rel.

“Well thanks Kobor.” the vulcanoid replied. “What is on your mind my friend?” He picked up the PADDs that had fallen and pushed himself into a position that he could get up. He reached out for a paw but an instant before he could make contact he froze, “You do realize……” he started. Then shoving all his emotional baggage deep down he grabbed on and pulled himself to his feet with Kobor's aid. Kobor, if he was able to sense any emotion, would have felt shame from the vulcanoid mixed with the gratitude of the trill.

"What do I realize?" the former Klingon asked as he pulled cadet Rel up to his feet.

“I didn't mean to hurt your feelings when I was muttering about the extended paw to remind you of the touch telepathy.... some individuals are very sensitive and my touch may lead to an inadvertent contact with their mind.” Barak stated in a tone that if the listener knew him well would have picked up self admonishment and reproach in it.

“Back to you my friend. What was on your mind?” the older vulcanoid replied.

"I am having difficulty adjusting to my new circumstance as a feline species. Nothing about me now is what it was like before. My voice is different...deeper...ha more frightening. I can't grip weapons as I once did. My hearing is different," he sighed. "I am," he looked at Rel, "stuck between two worlds, one that sent me here to Starfleet and the other I know little about. The counselor said it would take time."

“I can see how that would be disheartening to a proud warrior.” the vulcanoid replied. “What I fear you may be overlooking is that with each perceived weakness in your new form you are actually hindering your own growth and recovery in the long run. An old earth saying is if God takes something away he will heighten other senses to allow you to compensate. So look to the strengths of your new body rather than the deficits. Attack the problem like a battle - you go with the strength of your body and attack the weak links in the other force.”

"I'm a botanist, so fighting battles is somewhat out of scope for this Klingon. If I am a Klingon." He laughed as he looked into the distance. "Starfleet medical wishes to take some samples and have me classified as a new species." He sat down, his legs hurting from his workout.

"I can't say I blame them. I am fortunate my house does not ask what I have been doing in great detail. They have no idea. I would be treated as an intruder in my own home. You are right about one thing. Some of my senses are heightened.   Sense of smell," Kobor twitched his whiskers at that acknowledgment. "I can sense motion much more than I could before, though my color perception is reduced. By the many houses I can see very well at night. It's quite shocking. Truth be told I would defeat many of my peers now."

“Well I can relate. Being intertwined with the Till, I have come to learn some things are best experienced by emotion, yet at the same time to act on emotion alone is never wise. Logic for a vulcan is the root of wisdom, yet for the Till wisdom is best gained by taking chances a vulcan might call illogical and learning by the experience.” Barak reflected.

Kobor thought for a moment, looking at his own paws. "Perhaps I need to seek a balance between Klingon and feline. Emotion is not enough. Logic is not enough.

“We both are on steep learning curves. Where better to learn than here? Out on our own we would have no support. Here we can support each other and build valuable friendships.” the vulcanoid admitted. “You and I can learn from each other.”

“Personally I am struggling with being the old man on campus.” the vulcanoid admitted…… most of these kids are young enough to be my vulcan halfs children and even the Trill went through basic when these kids were in grade school.” Barak sighed…… I have even heard whispers that some of the kids think I am some kind of pervert or something worse.” His head bowed.  “i could be such a mentor yet they see some kind of devil.”

"I have not heard of such things, so they must be from cadets outside our local group." He grimaced. "I suspect we all have detractors, but it's more important to keep one's focus." Something in Kobor's pocket vibrated. He got it out and looked at it's screen. "I must get ready for a class," he said with a nod. "We will talk later."

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