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Freud and Suess

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by Cadet Barak Rel & Lieutenant Commander Lucia Rinaldi
[Stardate ]


Freud and Seuss

Barak’s hands trembled slightly as he picked up the cup. As was his custom he soaked in the aroma of the beverage letting it transport him to Vulcan for a momentary memory of family. He closed his eyes and drew a great breath to slowly exhale the his eyes snapped open.

His posture improved from limp rag to almost military bearing. He looked to the counselor who looked no worse for experience. “Has everything come back to normal for you?” the vulcanoid asked in almost a whisper.

Lucia’s eyes fluttered open.  She had been taking a few moments of her own to meditate and center herself.   “I’m...fine.” She replied with a slight smile.  “But I’m pretty sure that I need a new definition for ‘normal’ at this point.  That was unbelievable.  I’ve never given what happens in a Vulcan Mind Meld any considered thought...I guess I assumed it was like other forms of telepathic contact but it was...I can’t even find a word...amazing sounds so lame.” She chuckled.

“You underestimate your own ESP abilities. I saw so much more in that quick shot of childhood. If you were not particularly attuned to fully sense the world in which you live in the images would have just been shades of gray, foggy imagery and you would not have been able to impart any aspect of other sensations.” Barak noted.

He paused a moment and asked, “Do you dream in color as well?”

“Yes.” She replied without hesitation,  “I’ve always had clear and colorful dreams. Ever since I was as little as the child in the Meld-imagery I can recall dreaming as vividly as if it were real and my dreams played out so distinctly that I could write them down like a short story when I learned to write that is.”  Lucia chuckled again.  “Thankfully, I never confused my dreams with waking reality,  If I had, I would probably be a mystic in a cave somewhere back in Sardinia and not a Counselor. “  She turned her head slightly.  “Do you really think that I have more mental abilities than I’ve tapped into?  I know that I’m empathic, but well, part of that comes from training and learning to catch nuances that others don’t see.  But as far as telepathy, I’ve had a flash or a feeling on occasion, but not much more.”

“ You probably have had dreams that foreshadowed real life events that give you a sense of deja vous.” the vulcanoid said anolictly. “That too is a form of extrasensory perception most humans overlook.”

‘When I was a teen, I did have a lot of that type of dream.  My friends and I used to play on the ruins.  Something we were not supposed to be doing, with them a national treasure and a preserved location.  But we did it anyway.  I kept having a weird dream of my friend Ignacio calling out to me but I couldn’t see him.  In the dream I searched and searched but always woke before I could locate him.  The next time we headed to our secret place, I lost track of him.  I thought he was just being silly and hiding among the stones.  I started yelling for him to come out as I walked around and then it dawned on me.   This was my dream!  I suddenly heard him calling my name and it had that same far away hollow sound it had in my dream.  I searched until it was almost dark. I could hear his voice getting hoarse and he didn’t seem to hear me at all.  I went for help.  Thankfully, help returned with technology that could see where he was.  Between two of the megalithic stone ruins, he had fallen down a deep hole and it was a miracle I could her him at all.   There were a few others but none as dramatic as that one.  And after 20 or so, I can’t recall any others.’s another story for another time.  Besides, who’s doing the counseling here anyway mister!”  She popped up from her chair to go to the replicator.  “Telepathy and mind-melds apparently make me hungry!   What can I replicate for you.  I’m having a large green salad with avocados, cranberries and walnuts!”

“It is strange. The vulcan half of me usually prefers vegan or at least vegetarian meals but this must be the trill half because I am in the mood for green eggs and ham I am.” the complicated and now somewhat perplexed individual across from her responded.

Lucia had to hold onto the wall she was laughing so hard.  “I think you may still be connected to my childhood memories or something.  Green eggs and ham is out of a classic children’s story.  I’m sure that by now, there are a million variations in the replicator.  But I could fix a real version of it that would taste a lot better, I mean if you are going to eat animal products, you should have the real deal.”




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