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Subterfuge: Part 2 -- PL Cadet Shandari

Starfleet Academy Lounge

by Cadet Shandari
[Stardate ]

Subterfuge: Part 2
PL Cadet Shandari

Shandari tried futilely to jump between covering balconies but couldn't avoid getting drenched before she managed to cover the two blocks back to the public transporter.  She shook as much of the rain off herself as possible and stepped in.

San Francisco was sunny but it was also at least twenty degrees colder.  Shandari slipped between two buildings and spent a bit more time wringing out her clothes and shaking her hair out to dry it.

There was no way she was going to make it back to campus before Professor Trumbull's Survival class started and she debated skipping it all together.

While she debated her options in her head, she opened her pack and removed the contents.  She practiced concealing the small device in the palm of her hand before returning it to the security of her pack, disposing of the wrappings and hurrying toward Starfleet Academy.

She didn't quite need to make use of what was inside it just yet, but very soon, it might prove to be her lifeline and crucial to her new life on Earth.


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