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Subterfuge, It's What's For Dinner -- Cadet Shandari

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by Cadet Shandari
[Stardate ]

Subterfuge, It's What's For Dinner
Cadet Shandari

For many centuries, the city of New Orleans had been a treasured historic destination filled with ways to experience many delightful things -- among them were diverse cultures, delicious cuisines and colorful music.  At least until the Category 5 massive Hurricane Gaston swept thru in 2259, laying waste to much of the locale.  Finally weary of dealing with being at the mercy of the unpredictability of weather, the entire city and its inhabitants opted to relocate 50 miles upriver and the "Nouveau New Orleans" (aka the New Orleans/Baton Rouge Metroplex) was reincarnated as a city every bit as vibrant, eclectic and popular as it had ever been.

That new city wasn't the New Orleans to which Shandari had transported.  She was cautiously making her way down an ancient sidewalk constructed of what looked like old red bricks. It was an attractive, but archaic sort of construction and Shandari was glad she had worn her sturdy boots because the walkway was also uneven and slippery.  A consistent drizzling rain was only partially blocked by the balconies that extended from the second floors overhead.

She held onto her footing the rest of the way to her destination, a small eatery with a few metal tables and chairs outside, thankfully covered with a green canvas awning. Shandari sat at the table farthest from the open doorway, in the chair which was against the building and made a show of looking at the menu which was on the table. Music was pouring from the entrance, it was interesting but not to her taste.

The drizzle got heavier and a breeze blew raindrops onto the table. Shandari flipped her collar up, more to stay dry than any other reason, In this part of Earth, she noted that hot, wet and muggy seemed to be the norm.

"Hello, welcome to Tres Gatos Gris.  Are you ready to place your order?"  The tall woman asked.  She had seemingly materialized out of nowhere and Shandari was startled.

"I can come back if you need more time."  The waitress offered.

"Uh, no.  Actually, what do you recommend for a Tesshuan?"  Shandari asked.

"I'm glad you asked!"  She woman said with a smile as she moved closer to the cadet.  "We have a lot of great things here but I think you'll enjoy this the most. It uses gortulua from Tesshua as the wrapper."  She put her finger on the bottom of the menu at a spot close to the table and released a small package she had been concealing in her hand. "Oh, now that I think of it, we may have sold out of that.  It's really popular.  Let me go ask chef."

The waitress departed and Shandari checked to be sure she was alone before collecting the bundle the waitress left behind.

As she slipped it into her  pack, the woman returned.  "I'm so sorry.  We're out of gortulua until our shipment from Tesshua in three weeks.  But you can use this code to order in advance, so you don't come all the way out here again for nothing."  She displayed a code on her mini-PADD and Shandari memorized it quickly.

"This weather is dreary."  The waitress said as she looked out into the street where the rain had picked up even more.  She looked back to the table  and asked, "Can I get you anything else?"  But Shandari had already slipped away.


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