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Coffee, Kitties and Crazies- JL- Dr Price and Cadets NightWind and Barak Rel

Starfleet Academy Lounge

by Cadet NightWind to-Sivao
[Stardate ]

NightWind was down in the Mess Hall, having a quick snack of shashlik skewers, a kind of shish kabob covered in a spicy sauce, and a bottle of Irish cream, the non-alcoholic variety since alcohol was something that Sivaoans REALLY didn’t care for.

Dr Price thought a cup of coffee between patients would be a good idea since he had been going all  of Alpha shift and it was halfway into Beta. He had taken an interest in the Vulcan cadet with the Trill symbiont and  thought that their fifth year Sivaoan med student might like to meet one of their more unusual cadets. True, it would be nothing like the time they had a Horta going through the Academy but NightWind was interested in Xenomedicine and he planned to give  her every opportunity to learn more about all the unusual folk out in the galaxy. ++ Dr.  Price to Cadet Barak Rel, would you meet me in the Mess Hall for some coffee at your convenience?++

++ Cadet Rel to Dr Price, ++ the Vulcanoid responded tapping the combadge, ++I will comply promptly.++ Barak closed the textbook he was reading. He got up and threw on a plain white sleeveless tee and decided the cutoffs he was wearing should be ok for a trip to the canteen/ mess hall.Near the door he found his flip flops and slid his feet in.

He opened the door and turned off the lights out of habit. Sure enough  one of his roommates hollered at him. “Turn that light back on or…” the voice started to threaten. Barak knew the southerners drawl identifying it as Cadet Hatfield”s. Before the threat could be completed the light was back on and the Vulcanoid was on the other side of the door headed to the meeting.
The Vulcanoid crossed the campus grounds quickly as the light of a new day was dawning. Venus was still shining in all its morning radiance as the eastern horizon began to turn red.

Reaching the glass doors leading into the mess he saw Charlie’s  reflection charging from behind...his eyes had a evil red tinge to them. He turned to face him as the roommate still in full charge drawing back his fist. Not having the time to do anything else he launched himself with his left leg into the bushes by the door as Charlie’s fist missed its intended target - his head- and slammed into the door alerting those inside to what was happening just outside.

Charlie had turned and was hovering over the prone Vulcan in the bushes raging, “Don’t ever turn your back on me when I am talking to you, you green blooded…” The door being pushed from the inside shoved Charlie away from Barak.

Dr Price and a brightly colored calico felinoid were coming  out the door to see what all the commotion was. The Feline’s tail corkscrewed in her version of laughter as her claws appeared on one hand. “ Grrreen blood  isss typical of  the Vulcanoid ssspeciesss, I wonderrr what colorrr a cowarrrd and bully’s  blood isss, I hearrrd it wasss Yellow...” She reached over with her claws to scratch Charlie’s hand so she could check the rumors for herself.
Dr Price scowled as he latched onto the young miscreant’s shoulder. ”NightWind, you’re better than that. Charlie, this is the third time in a week, that I know of, that you have been caught bullying the other cadets and I believe that the Dean will have some more than choice words about your continuing here at the Academy. In this, the Vulcans have it right in their philosophy of IDIC, that we are greater as a whole because of our differences in outlook and experiences and  the combination of them when brought together in a CONSTRUCTIVE environment, than we are apart and this divisiveness you are continually exhibiting is tearing down the very thing that we are trying to create. Sorry about the Coffee, Cadet Rel, but I think NightWind should prove interesting enough a companion to fill in for me.” He shifted his grip to get Charlie’s arm behind him and then practically frogmarched the hooligan towards Dean Janseen’s office.

Rel blushed embarrassed by all the fuss Dr Price had made of the situation and ashamed to look so disheveled as he pulled himself out of the thorny bush. Trails of green blood trickled from various small scrapes. Some of these little paths crossed over the trill spots running down the side of his legs.

NightWind brought her whiskers forward before formally extending her claws to him and withdrawing them. ”I greet you, Cadet Barak Rel-to-Vulcan. I am NightWind-to-Sivao, a fifth year cadet studying Xenomedicine and Xenoherbology.” She offered him a paw to help him out of the bushes.

The Vulcanoid, a touch telepath, raised an eyebrow. “I would accept your offer but in an emotional state I can not say if it would be wise. You may inadvertently become aware of my thoughts and I yours.” he pushed himself out of the bush. He reached out tentatively with his hand at the same time trying to suppress his thoughts as the emotional trill inside of him was screaming ~NO YOU STUPID IDIOT~ in the back of his mind.

She helped out of the bushes the rest of the way and then pulled the medkit from her satchel, got out the tissue regenerator and began running it over the scrapes, scratches and abrasions.”If it happens, it happens and I would hold any thoughts so received as being in the utmost confidence, like any patient- physician conversation.” She kittygrinned at him and offered him a small, brightly-colored, woven pouch of dried fruit  from in the satchel.

“Barak, just Barak… neither of trill or Vulcan but of both the same.” he offered. Taking a small piece of the dried fruit, he examined it. He was unfamiliar with the variety. “Is this from your homeworld or native to Earth?” he inquired.

“It’s from my homeworld, but it is similar to a cross between the Plums and Pawpaws of Earth.” She told him.” When Ambassador Spock was on Sivao, he had no ill effects from eating these.”

“Sounds delightful.” he returned then put the fruit in his mouth. Instantly the fluids in his mouth caused the dried fruit to rehydrate. It plumped up almost to three sizes bigger than it had been when his tongue first touched it… the flavor was rich yet somewhat tart… the sensations of this food were almost viral.

“True, they are better fresh but I could get more in the carryall and satchel with them dried when I came  here and my family sends me more every year. So, if you  like them, I can get them to send more, next month when they usually send the packages.” She offered.

“Sure beats the human coffee I was coming here for.” the Vulcanoid quipped. He opened the door to the mess hall and held it like a gentleman for her to enter first. “I hope this stupidity with Cadet Hatfield didn’t disrupt your morning too much…” His eyes shifted to the new dawn. Looks like it’s going to be another fine day.””What is the earthers expression “Red sky in morning…”

“Not hardly, I can meet with Dr. Price practically any time, he’s my Advisor.” She told him. “And the  day is going to be great, just have everything done before evening, I believe there will be a pretty big storm come in by Nightfall. Look at the clouds, they usually give hints to the weather  patterns that will be coming in, and  it looks like a cold front is on its way.” She nodded, ”’Red sky in the morning, Sailors take warning, Red sky at night, Sailors Delight.’”

““So is it the same on your homeworld?” the Vulcan paused “the weather patterns, I mean.”

“Pretty much, it seems that most weather systems follow the same dynamics throughout the galaxy, though some storm systems last longer than others, like the Great Red Spot on Jupiter has been going on over a millennium that they know of,  but many of the storms on Sivao mimic the ones I’ve seen on Earth.” She told him, thinking back to some of the storms she had seen back home.

“I wish i could get a hold of the storms in a troubled mind like that of my roommate or at least get some warning.” the Vulcanoid imparted in a slightly higher octave range. His trill half was putting in its two cents worth into the conversation.

NightWind kittygrinned even bigger at his Trill half’s frustration. ”Maybe you can talk to your roommate about leaving a signal on your door if he’s getting ready to blow. The old signal of a  Sock on the doorknob still is respected between roommates when one is ‘entertaining’ someone of the opposite gender for the evening. Or you could ‘Seed the clouds’ and try helping him get to the bottom of the problems that are plaguing him. Be a friend to him, not just a counselor student seeing him as a case.”

The trill half laughed… seeing a Vulcan in stiches would have been an understatement but for a human it was a respectable laugh. “I can just imagine the intervention Myself, Kobor, and Chet Nogura sitting at a table telling him he is a bigot, a fascist, a racist, and a bully who feels he has the right to control our room if not our floor of our dorm… we would need back up by the staff or he would think it was all some kind of joke.”

“Well I could try to help. I could have graduated but I felt I needed some extra exposure to  more cultures to deal with the medical needs on a ship better and if you and Kobor and all need a respite from him we can always use my room to study or there are some  nice grottoes  in the garden area that are  good for studying and relaxing.” She  offered. “I don’t mind making up the snacks for study time or whatever.”

“We’d have to get Dean Janseen and Dr Price up to speed before we make our move but whatever we do we have to act quick before he gets himself kicked out of the academy for being a butt hole.”.

“ You mean the South end of a North-bound quicken? Quickens on Sivao are like mules or  horses are used here.” Her tail corkscrewed tightly. “But I agree that he needs a good talking to, though I don’t know that Dean Janseen might be the best to do so. Considering what I have  heard of some of the top brass, they might want to take a closer look into the hazing of the cadets by the upperclassmen.”

“We are not hazing him…” the Vulcan noted with a bit of scorn in his inflection. “I would have a heck of a better way of going about that than an old blanket party.”

“No, he is hazing you and the others from what I’m hearing, though I see him as a good candidate for your finding a Spacebat for him…”  Her tail was corkscrewing till it was almost like a spring. She laid her paw on his hand to show him what she meant, having the bully look in a dark back corner of a closet toward the floor and then swat his backside with a broom, knocking him  in there and locking the door for a time.

The image of a blanket party was conveyed at the same time to the 5th year cadet. She would see that the Vulcan’s version would have bricks in the towels the bully was beaten with not just puny soapbars. If they were going to haze him by the time the Vulcan and the rest of his roommates were done he would definitely be in the infirmary.  The Vulcan was calculating in his mind the most devastating areas to hit avoiding killing blows that would leave the bully with lasting effects… broken bones, sterility and such.

“Well a good, devastating blow would be going for the groin, he’ll be in too much pain to think about much else and if there were a way to implant a suggestion that whenever he plans on bullying someone he remembers the pain from that, it MIGHT be a deterrent.” NightWind didn’t care for bullies much and she didn’t mind getting bloody in a good cause either.

“Too bad I am not willing to step to his level, and do it.” the Vulcan admitted. “I can visualize it in my head all I want but hate only breeds hate. To get rid of a bully you have to kill them with kindness as the Trills would have me believe. Humans say you can't back down. Klingons would either kill them or join them as the head of the house. I do not know what to do.” the Vulcan conveyed.

“The humans are right that you can’t back down from them, otherwise it shows the bully that they have power over you, but if you enlist allies against these cowards, especially those in authority it may help for a time but they  might come back after you even worse later. I have also heard that if you humiliate them, so that everyone knows it, they’ll stop bugging you, afraid that you would do something to them worse later on. I have some friends that would just LOVE to get  in on the action if you want me to help you with your bully problem.”  She informed him thinking of the Sorority she belonged to. They were known in the past for their practical jokes, and rank didn’t matter.

The Vulcan stroked his chin in thought… this could be his first command decision or it could be a federation test to see just how far he would go to break the rules… This was the first time Charlie has swung on him… the officers knew of the differences of opinion that were being expressed by several of the other dorm members if he should even be allowed to stay because of recent hostile words with cadets in other rooms… had Charlie crossed the line or was Barak about to. He looked NightWind in the eyes for they are the gateway to the soul and saw no fear in what she was opting but this was not his decision to be made - not by him alone. “Let’s see what the staff does first… then we will know if we have to act or not on the behalf of those who he is bullying… I would hate to see you lose credits due to an ill conceived sense of revenge.”


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