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Complexities of Lives: JL Barak Teven Rel and Kobor Tumar

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by Cadet Kobor Tumar
[Stardate ]


Complexities of Lives

Cadets Carson Hatfield and Barak Rel stepped off the main transporter pad at the Academy. For Rel it was a welcome homecoming. Barak himself had never been one for the sementality the trill was exuding but coming back to the Academy was none the less a inviting experience for the vulcan half.

Carson gave the vulcanoid a quick glance over his shoulder. “I assume you want to unpack, quarters are over there. I'm hungry…… i will be over briefly.” he imparted and left the vulcanoid to his own devices.

Barak shook his head in slight disbelief…… that dang human was always so rude…… was it that he was vulcan, or something else. Wondered the trill half. Barak himself felt it was his choice of career..

After consulting with an officer as to the exact quarters he was looking for Barak arrived at his new room. He rang the chime to see if Anyone was in.

Kobor sat at a table in his quarters drinking a beverage shown to him last year. He couldn't stop drinking it every morning now. He both love and loathed the warm brown liquid that found itself steaming in his favorite cup each morning. Another sip. One thing he did know was it would be far easier to drink in his old form. What it original form?

The doctors did not know exactly how to classify his apparent new species, but they considered him a hybrid. That and other facts were obscured to him now as he played music at such a level as to drown out his own thoughts. He dreaded thinking of his situation and that's what silence around him did, drew his mind to wander and wonder with regret. It was so loud he did not hear the chime at first. He cocked his head to the side, twitched his ears in the direction of the door. Kobor sighed and went to the door.

He opened it and saw someone standing at the doorway. He cut the volume and spoke, his whiskers twitching as he did so. "What is it you want?" His body took up most of the height and width of the door.

“Are you Kobor?” the being before him asked. He had the spots of a trill but the ears of a vulcan. The vulcanoid was an unopposing and almost diminutive from standing in front of this giant catlike creature. “I was expecting a Klingon given the name.”

"Are you looking for a Klingon warrior with a demeanor and strength as said in your galactic species texts? Well you have not found that person, but you have found Kobor Tumar. Are you the roommate or are you selling me a subscription to Logical Times?

The trill half couldn't resist but laugh at the Klingon humor. “You have to excuse me Kobor but I am indeed the roommate. Carson up and abandoned me at the transporter…… I got lost on the way over.” the Trill half atoned.

The deeper baritone of the vulcan voice returned. “Cadet Barak Rel. Seems I assume too much or you have quite a story to tell.”

Kobor gestured for Rel to come in. "Sit. I am only drinking my accursed coffee. The story is not that long." He moved to the replicator, considered his roommate for a moment, then ordered. "One hot caramel macchiato." The replicator created a hot cup of coffee on a small plate. Kobor sat it down opposite him at the table. He sipped his own brew, having gone colder than he liked. "The short version is don't let blood rituals get in the way of one's future."

The vulcanoid raised an eyebrow. “Fascinating, care to elaborate so I do not wind up in a more perplexing situation than iI already am. He brushed the hair away from his Trill spots as if to  say I understand the confusion you must be enduring

Kobor sipped again. "I held an old Klingon Ritual with Cadet McCaffrey some months ago. She is a shapeshifter and her ability passed on to myself, at least in part. At first she transformed into a Klingon and I was more human. After some time at Starfleet Medical I was reverted back into my original species, or so they thought." He sighed as his ears twitched. "I still have some of her...reconfiguration abilities and under times of stress I can take on characteristics of another species. I, " he paused, "panicked on the Sutherland and was assisted by Cadet NightWind. When she held my arm I started to absorb her DNA signature, after a short time I started to change. It was quite painful, but I insisted on completing it as I did not want to end up as some half-cat, half-Klingon monstrosity."

He looked at Rel for a moment. "No insult intended on those that are half one, half another, but a Klingon-Felinoid did not seem a wise state to leave myself in." He took a final gulp of his coffee before setting his cup down harder than he intended. "So this is the result. I am nearly all felinoid now and unless I wish to endure a painful transformation into something else, I will likely remain this way."

“Seems the logical decision for the moment and it is apparent that you retain the strength and more of your Klingon heart than you are willing to let on.” His eyes shifted to the cup.

"My heart is more of a Klingon botanist than warrior, though these claws have proven deadly." He raised his paw up and extended his claws. "In simulations of course," Kobor said with a smirk. "So, what is your story?"

"Well the short story is a transporter accident on Vulcan.* he paused “The complication is that the Trill, Teven and his symbiote Rel were joined. Rel's voice became apparent to the highly sensitive hearing of the Felinoid, “The joining left the vulcan in a coma for three months…… The trill government and the VSA agreed that attempting a transporter separation could kill any number of us so the vulcan mind was forced to deal with my 14 hosts and the bonds that joined them to me.”

Teven”s voice was next to be heard. At the time of my joining I never expected to be forced into submission…… The trill mind is a blend of host and symbiont but when Barak entered the picture…… all that was was manipulated by logic and the symbiote found a way to relate through previous hosts experiences. Teven got shoved to the side being the most emotional of the three.”

The vulcanoid paused. “I hope I didn't lose you. It is a lot to wrap your mind around.” he admitted.

"It matters not if I understood it all. Later. It would appear we are both dealing with a personal identity issue." He raised his now empty mug. "To our hybrid natures." He paused. "I think this is where you bring your cup up to mine Rel."

“Call me Barak.” the vulcan voice returned "For I must contain the Trill or surely I will loose my mind.” He brought his cup to Kobor's and simply smiled. “To knowing thyself, Tobor.”

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