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Strange Strangers

Starfleet Academy Lounge

by Shandari & Shandari
[Stardate ]


Arliss slid off his stool and walked over to where the fastidious young woman was sitting. She had long wavy locks which were a vibrant shade of lavender. She also had an unusual pair of and striking golden eyes. When he reached her table a glowing wand appeared in his hand. He waved it over the empty chair across from her several times before helping himself to the seat. Arliss offered her the wand.

“Here. You use it by making a couple of passes over the surface you'd like to disinfect.”    He suggested while still holding out the wand. “Like this filthy excuse for a table.”

Shandari gave the stranger a hostle glare and made no reply. Her grasp on the bottle in front of her did get noticeably tighter.

“Psssh, relax a little cadet. I happened to notice your obvious distaste with our surroundings and thought you might appreciate a way to allay some of your fears.” Arliss glanced around them. “Heaven knows this place seems to be just days away from being declared condemned!” He offered the girl the wand again. “Take it, please.” He urged.

The young woman's eyes narrowed and she continued to keep one hand on her drink while the girl's other hand slipped down to her side.

“I....have....a....knife.” She told him under her breath. “And I'm well versed in it's use.” She added keeping both eyes on the man.

The device he had offered clattered to the tabletop and Arliss put his hands in the air.

“Whoa there child, I think there's been a bit of miscommunication between us.” He gestured to the pouch that was at his side. “May I? I think if you see who I am, you'll be less apprehensive....or at least I hope you will.”

Shandari kept glaring at him but finally gave a nod. “Okay, but get whatever that is out slowly. And don't try anything funny. I'm skilled in knife throwing too.”

He kept one hand raised while he used the other to remove a a mini-PADD which he waved in front of him. “I hate to put this down on the table.” He said with a grimace.

The girl retrieved the wand and passed it over the surface of the table a few times making sure she used it on the space near herself and even under her bottle.

“Smart idea.” He told her as he slid the small personal data device forward for her to read.

Her hand slowly reached for it but her eyes stayed fixed on him. Only once she had retrieved it did she let her gaze move downward as she read.

“Yeah, okay, it says that you're a new professor at the Academy. But it would be easy to forge this stuff. How do I know it's legit?” She skidded the mini-PADD back to him, pushing it so hard that he barely managed to catch it before it fell.

“I have no reason to perpetrate a lie my dear. We are here, on a Starfleet starbase, awaiting our transportation to Starfleet Academy.” This time he narrowed his eyes at her. “Besides, if I'm a fraud, then perhaps YOU are too.” He stated.

“You aren't very nice! I'm not lying, my name is on the list of incoming students and there's a picture too! You better not cause any trouble for me, because it is really difficult to get into Starfleet Academy and they do all kinds of checks and tests before they let you in.” She folded her arms across her chest.    

Arliss chuckled. “You're right about that. And I have no intention of causing any trouble for you Miss?”

Shandari fiddled with her lavender hair but was quiet once again.

When she didn't offer him her name he stood and doffed a non-existent hat.    

“Good day. If you should decide to enroll in a class of mine, I will pretend this entire ill-fated meeting never occurred.”    

Shandari watched as the peculiar professor returned to his empty table across the restaurant.    


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