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"Trust Issues" JPL

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by Cadet Soan th'Hanera & Cadet Flower Sheme
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“Trust Issues”

JPL: Cadets th'Hanera & Sheme



Cadet Flower Sheme cautously walked over to Soan, worried how he would react after she shot him. Cadet Soan th'Hanera left the holo-classroom after they had received their instructions regarding the whole scenario. He was very hungry so he made his way to the mess hall.
    “Soan?” Sheme called after him.
    The Andorian stopped in his tracks. He turned and looked to his friend and partner. A concerned look was on his face. "Yes?"
    “Can we talk?” The timid Catonian asked her partner.
    "As long as you don't mind talking in the mess hall," th'Hanera answered. "I'm starving." He turned and continued on his way.
    Flower joined him. "I don't mind that at all."
    "Good. So, what is on your mind?"
    "I wanted to see if we were still friends...I mean I shot you twice.”
    Th'Hanera's atennae twitched in slight irritation. "Of course we're still friends. You had orders, right?" As he approached the mess hall the doors slid open for him and Flower.
    "Yes,” Sheme confirmed. “I had orders, and they were very difficult to follow.”
    They walked into the dining hall. Soan moved to the prepared food buffet and started filling a plate. "What I don't get is.... Why were you given orders to shoot me?"
    "I had to show that I was my alternate self,” Sheme said, “who was very ruthless"
    His antennae tilted backwards, showing a more intense irritation. "And that included shooting me for no reason whatsoever."
    "You would have blown my cover,” Sheme pointed out.
    He stopped filling his plate and looked directly at her. "Seriously? You really think I would blurt out that you weren't the alternate Flower Sheme?"
    Flower looked down. “Trust me, it wasn't the easiest part of my mission to carry out."
    Th'Hanera let out a derisive chuckle. "Trust you, eh? You obviously don't trust me." With his plate full, he headed to an empty table.
    Flower followed after him, getting a fish. "I was scared, okay? When Rinaldi said I was to take over the ship, I felt nervous like I was in command before."
    Sitting down at the table, th'Hanera looked to Sheme. "It was indeed a difficult order, but let's get back to this trust thing. You really thought I would blow your cover? Seriously, Flower?"
    "No, but I had my orders." She started to eat her fish.
    "I guess that's one order I will have to question when we do the critique."
    "Yes,” Sheme agreed. “I will also have to question it."
    After a couple forkfuls of food, and a swallow of his drink, Soan looked over to Flower. I can certainly forgive the following of orders, Flower. That is not my problem in all this. I will, however, have a difficult time getting over this trust issue. I guess you really DON'T know me."
    Flower reached over with a paw, "I DO know you! I was just nervous, okay?”
    He purpously avoided her touch. "I get that you were nervous, Flower, I really get that, but... Am I going to have to worry about your trust in me handling a situation going down a Jeffries tube everytime you get nervous?"
    "No,” Sheme insisted. "You won't, Soan. I pawmise. I was out of my comfort zone as the terrans say."
    He stopped eating for a moment and simply stared at her. At long last, he simply shook his head and went back to eating.
    “I know that look,” she said to him.
    Without meeting her gaze he asked, "What does it tell you?"
    “I have to earn it back."
    He looked up at her. His antennae stopped moving completely. "And I obviously still have to earn yours."


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