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Cat Scratched Fever-JL- Cadets NightWind and Kobor

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by Cadet NightWind to-Sivao & Cadet Kobor Tumar
[Stardate ]


After they were dismissed, NightWind led Kobor over to a secluded fountain area on the Academy grounds. She had found the area weeks earlier and thought the grove-like setting might do wonders for Kobor's mental attitude. The area was cool and quiet with the exception of the soft gurgle of the fountain's water splashing into the basin. "Is this better for you Kobor? We can go elsewhere if you need..."
Kobor was a bit shaken from the experience, but even more so from watching everyone's reaction after the class in the holodeck. He only nodded. "I have turned into a cat," he stopped, noticing his voice was a lower register. "I don't know how I am supposed to feel about that." He could not stop brushing the fur on his arms. "I am a more freakish Klingon than I thought."
"I don't think you're freakish at all, Kobor, I think you're unique and special and possibly more able to fight, due to your enhanced agility and strength as well as some rather formidable weaponry in your teeth and claws." She lightly pressed on his knuckles to show him the claws he now sported as part of his armament.
Kobor jumped back slightly. "Bah, seeing this on me is...disconcerning. I have had teeth, but not like this." He stared with his cat-eyes into hers. "I am not sure how you exist this way." He went to sit on the fountain's edge, but sat on his tail. "Ahh!"
NightWind's whiskers came forward in a kittygrin while her tail corkscrewed tightly, her version of laughter. "Kobor, it just takes getting used to, think of it as a costume in a way that is unique and offers more advantages when they are needed. For example, you'll see even better at night as well as see further into the Ultraviolet and Infrared spectrums than many of the other races. The tail is prehensile and can be used to grab things like a third hand might as well as act as a rudder during falls and turns when you're going at full speed."
Kobor watched as she explained. "I do have a pet feline given to my be Ensign McCaffrey, so I have...oh no," his toned changed at his realization. "She will not recognize me, but that is nothing compared to what the Academy will say." He put his face in his claws.
NightWind came over to sit beside him and lightly sniffed him to tell if there was that much difference in his scent. She put her arms around him and pulled him close. "Your scent is not that different from your usual scent, so I don't think that there will be that much of a problem with your pet. As for the rest of the Academy, if the Academy accepted you already they'd better not throw you out for a little problem like a changed countenance due to their screw up on what was needed when you and Kate got your DNA tangled up together. If they do, I'll leave as well and tell all the hopefuls from Sivao to find another path."
Kobor shook his head. "No no, I am not worth throwing your Starfleet careers away." He inhaled in her direction. "I can smell differently than before and you smell...," he looked for the words, but stopped. The mood from his perspective became awkward. For a few moments they sat silently.
"So," he said, breaking the silence. "how do I, err, look?"
"Interested? Yes, I am, Kobor and I think you look fantastic, a seamless blend between Klingon and Feline, with all the advantages of both." She ran her scanner over him from the Medkit she kept with her and just nodded. "All the adaptations that make the Klingons such a formidable race are there as well as the augmentations of the Sivaoan felines. Medically speaking, you have the best of everything of both our peoples, and, personally, I think you look absolutely adorable."
He was taken aback with her comment, "Really, is it because I'm more feline now?" He gave her a sly look.
"No, it's not but because I have gotten to know you better, both your strengths and weaknesses, and I accept them both as facets of you, like a beautiful gemstone set in a priceless piece of artwork."
"Resistance, especially in this body, was very difficult on the holodeck." He looked in her eyes again. "Pheromones?"
"More than likely, and the panic attack probably lowered your ability to fight them as well as think clearly, which the Pheromones tend to screw with anyway. I can help you deal with them if you want."
A set of emotions, or perhaps old Klingon instinct, drove Kobor to give NightWind a rather forceful lick on her face. His efforts however threw him too far forward and they both dove into the fountain with a rather loud splash.
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