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Together Again-JL- Cadets Brax and Nogura

Starfleet Academy Lounge

by Cadet Chester Nogura & Cadet Minerva Brax
[Stardate ]


     The cadets stood together in the holo-classroom. They had just been given their post-simulation instructions, which included “tell no one what you experienced.” Apparently there would be another class of cadets also participating in the program. They was also informed that a post-simulation debriefing/critique would take place in three days and that they should all take a bit of time to jot down any notes and their own reflections of the scenario.

     Cadet Minerva Brax still had her arm around Chet’s waist. She had been “killed” in the scenario and she wanted to assure Chet that she was perfectly fine. She looked slightly up and into his face. “Let’s go get something to eat.”


He nodded to her as he held her tightly to him, too full of emotion at seeing her alive to talk. All he wanted to do was hold onto her and make sure that she was real and there in his arms and that where they were now was reality and not some holographic illusion. As she looked up at him, he kissed her, still not certain till he drank deeply of the wine of her lips that she was real, alive and there in his arms once more. He began to realize just how far he would go for this woman and the thought shook him to his core. Thinking her dead, he would have tortured and killed those responsible, just as his ancestors had long ago and not even batted an eye in doing it.


Some of the other students (NOT Flower and NightWind to be certain) started making catcalls and yelled for them to "go get a room." If he had gotten access to a fire extinguisher then, they would have been covered in icy foam, but as it was, he gave them a single finger salute and returned to kissing passionately the one person that made his life worth living.


“Okay, okay,” Minerva said at long last, breaking the kiss. “Maybe not something to eat, but maybe we should stop being public entertainment.” She twisted out of his embrace and locked her arm into his, nudging him out of the classroom.


Chet was more than happy to follow her out of the classroom. The bemused expression on his face hid some serious turmoil within as he realized just how much he had embraced his Samurai heritage and to what lengths he was willing to follow its Code of Bushido in his everyday actions and even thoughts. He shuddered as he realized what would have happened if she hadn't come to him just then like an angel from the Heavens. He stopped and hugged her even tighter, drinking in the sight of her face like a dying man in the desert might drain an unexpected spring of sweet, cool water.


Instead of heading to the mess hall, Minerva took Chet back to her dorm room. She immediately prepared two cups of tea and handed one of them to Chet. As she took her first sip, she looked at him. “You know I watched the whole scenario unfold after I was k… eliminated from the rest of the simulation. I do need to know why no one believed that th’Hanera’s double would carry out his threat?”


He held her hand and sipped the tea before answering. "I really don't know but I have a WAG* about it. I think that they didn't really know what they were dealing with on the Terrans, though I had an idea from reading the old logs. I had hoped that they had changed, but apparently they hadn't." He hung his head. "I'll admit I'm not very happy with myself for what I was doing with the sonics on Soan's Doppelganger though I felt it was necessary at the time."


“And it turned out that Soan, from both crews, was the one trying to find a peaceful cooperative solution.” Cadet Brax took another sip of the tea and shook her head. “Well… this is why we are at the Academy, right?”


He nodded and held her hand. "I was so mad at all of them, all I wanted to do was make them hurt as much as I was, and more for what they did to you." He hung his head."I'm ashamed that I let it get to me so much."


Minerva pulled Chet close and gently kissed his forehead. “I guess there is some wisdom in the early rules that generally forbade husband and wife serving on the same ship, and why they frown on a commanding officer having relations with one of his or her crew.” She kissed him again. “Please, don’t be hard on yourself, love. We are young and have so much more to learn.”


"That may have been good for the old days, but we have the family ships now and the only place I'd want to be is with you, even if it is different departments for us. I don't want to lose you again, Minerva., not even in simulations, but I'll try to hold things together better next time." He held her tight and covered her face in kisses.


“That works for me,” Brax said between giggles as he kissed her. She gently grabbed his face between her hands and kissed him deeper and more passionately.

He held her even tighter and more passionately as he lost himself in her kisses.

*WAG - Wild Aed Guess

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