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Searching for a Lost Kitten

Starfleet Academy Lounge

by Cadet NightWind to-Sivao & Cadet Kobor Tumar
[Stardate ]


The corridor spun, but Tumar surmised it was he that was spinning, or more precisely, his mind doing so. Personnel moved past him with out so much as a blink. He held onto the railing, but only held himself up with bent knee. "Ugh.."    

NightWind hadn't seen or heard THEIR Kobor for a while and was growing concerned about him. She turned the Sickbay over to her assistant, Belle Ayers, and started searching for him. She figured that he'd not be on the bridge, Chet was there, and Melli had Engineering covered pretty well and she'd checked out sickbay, but there was still a LOT of ship still to cover.

The Klingon struggled his way to sickbay, but with this internal panic the facility seemed light years away. "Why... why now?" This was not a result of his partial transformation, but maybe it aided it somehow. He looked frantically for a real person among the likely holograms. Their programming likely constrained to the current program. Perhaps they considered him a program as well. His breathing started to quicken.    

NightWind was getting frustrated that he wasn't in his usual haunts so that she could find him easily. If he had somehow had gotten disoriented, he was liable to go into a panic attack and those were no fun at all. She'd dealt with one, herself, when she had thought that they had sliced off her tail in another simulation exercise. She tapped the computer interface button on the wall beside her. "Computer, what is the current location of Cadet Kobor Tumar?"    

The computer answered. "Cadet Kobor Tumar is in the starboard nacelle near the cable pipeline cutoff juncture for the flow of the matter and antimatter into the Engines juncture Delta 45."    

Tumar peered down the long juncture, but was unsure where he was on the ship. Sadly he was mere meters away from the real people of the simulation, but the program would keep on going unless there was a very serious issue. For him this was serious, but no reason to stop the show. 'Computer... ugh, location of medical."    

"Thank you," Night told the computer. She knew the rat's nest maze of hoses, pipes, cables and juncture boxes that fed in through the pylons as well as the Turbolift corridors to deal with those areas when they needed inspection or repair. She headed there immediately, or at least as fast as she could in trying to shimmy, weave and do all sorts of gymnastics maneuvers to get to her friend.

The Computer answered him back. "Medical is on Deck Five to the right of the turbolifts."    

"No no..." he tapped his badge. ++"Cadet Tumar to sickbay, medical assistance needed in... err, my locaton."++ He was unsure if anyone heard him and unaware help was already on the way."    

Night stayed tuned into the Channel for Sickbay no matter where she was in the ship and so she answered him. ++“Kobor, I'm on my way, sit tight and I'll be up there in two shakes of a targ's tail.”++

Tumar answered back. ++"NightWind?"++ His breathing was harsh. ++"I don't know where I am, I-I..."++ The channel closed. The Klingon cadet stammered to his knee as he inadvertently tapped the channel to NightWind closed."    

++ “Kobor, don't worry I'm coming... Kobor? ...Kobor?”++ She took off the collar to help see if the communicator was functioning right and then shook it to see if that put the commbadge back in working order.    

She put the commbadge and collar back on and tried to keep in contact with him but the squelch on the thing was too much for her sensitive ears. She headed in the direction the computer told her hoping that she'd find him again if he moved from that spot.    

Tumar tapped again. ++"This place is closing in on me."++ Breaths could be heard. ++"I am unable to control this..." ++

She raced as fast as she could to his location, touching the intercoms along the way ++"Kobor, Sit down, close your eyes and relax. You WILL get through this, I'm coming to you and I'll guide you back to Sickbay, Stay with me, you CAN DO THIS!!"++ She kept the litany up, using her voice as an anchor for him to hold onto till she got there.    

He heard her instructions and sat down, the easiest of things to do right now. ++"I am on the ground.. there are people in the distance. I don't know if they are real." ++

++"Kobor, I'm not sure either, but we'll make it through this and use that other Rinaldi's guts for garters, for putting is in this situation."++ She redoubled her speed through the Jeffries tubes to try to get to him faster. Sometimes they were easier to deal with than the Turbolift.    

Even though he sat down against the wall nothing seemed any calmer for Tumar. His breathing still heavy and erratic. His eyes darted from person to person, few passing him by as if nothing was wrong. What a strange program at this level. Meditation, he needed medication. He closed his eye and imagined himself with someone.    

Night finally got to him and immediately went over to check him out, running the Feinberger over him and reading the results on her tricorder. She sat down beside him and pulled him to her, letting him feel for himself, the realness and solidness of her presence. "I'm here, Kobor. Calm down, my cob'lat kitten, you're safe."    

He looked up into her slit-iris eyes. "I am trying to fight this, but my inner struggle is very strong. I'm afraid I may not be able to overcome this." His forearm she touched changed tints to a more light brown. "Ouch, that..." He noticed his arm and hoped it was only his own panic. The color spread, but NightWind still held on. A tinge of pain continued from the spot she held. He grunted.

She nodded as her whiskers came forward as he took on her coloration. "You will, my friend, you WILL get through this and I'll help you." She helped him up and began to guide him back to sickbay, walking backwards and keeping hold of his hands to keep his attention on her and not their surroundings.    

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