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by Lieutenant Commander Lucia Rinaldi
[Stardate ]

Lt Commander Rinaldi, Cadet th'Hanera and the alt universe Kobor & NightWind

Rinaldi put two fingers between her lips making a loud, shrill whistle.
An assortment of Terran Empire cadets began assembling.  Without an prodding they formed two short lines.
Once they were lined up, Rinaldi paced back and forth examining the group.
"KOBOR!  She barked,  "You'll do."
The Klingon moved to the side. If he wondered what it was he would "do" for, he didn't let it show on his face.
The commanding officer returned to her review looking over the pool of remaining  cadets. Out of the corner of her eye she caught a cadet yawning.
"Cadet NightWind!  Are you sleepy itty bitty kitty?  If you are, that's just too bad. Join Kobor.  You two are going to defend yourselves from each other in combat."
She looked back at th^Hanera. "Pick."

Soan looked at the two chosen cadets.  Were they "his" Kobor and NightWind, he would probably put his bet on the Felinoid, but the alternate universe Kobor was definitely all Klingon.  Still, NightWind was no slouch and he didn't want to underestimate her.  Still, her biggest defensive weapon would be her claws.  Were they good enough to take on a Klingon?
"I pick the Felinoid," th'Hanera said at length.
Without giving any rules or guidelines, Rinaldi stepped between the two and shouted. "S'istrumpa!
When she stepped back, the fight began with the two circling and sizing the other up.  Without warning Nightwind crouched but instead of striking Kobor, she used her powerful hind legs to launch herself into the air where she somersaulted and landed behind her opponent. Before he could turn to face her she used her claws to rake Kobor's back, shredding his uniform at the same time.
The Klingon roared out in anger. He grabbed the front of his uniform tunic and ripped it from his torso. Bare chested, he quickly swung the ripped garment in the air and wrapped it around NightWind's head.  His fist followed quickly, pummeling the blinded and momentarily captured Sivoan.
NightWind protested with an indignant growl. She twisted around and despite the makeshift blindfold the Felinoid reached out and delivered a vicious scratch to Kobor's face while simultaneously bringing a knee up and striking the Klingon in his genitals.
Kobor's left hand had come up and grabbed the paw that had raked his face and wrapped around it in a vise-like grip.  The Sivaoan's blow to his groin sent waves of pain like he had never felt before through his body.  He could barely breathe. Still, he continued to squeeze NightWind's paw, hearing bone crack as he did.  He brought his other hand and again pounded her head.

NightWind shrieked as Kobor crushed the bones in her paw and attempted to do the same to her skull.  Her eyes glazed over and she wobbled unsteadily.

Kobor took advantage of the Felinoid's disoriented state and wrapped his free hand around her throat.  He held it tight, but could not fully focus to fully cut off NightWind's air.  His own breath was still unsteady as the pain from the groin shot was transitioning from sharp pain to a deep breathtaking throb.
Kobor's assault seemed to be having the intended effect.  NightWind's legs suddenly bowed out from under her and she began to sink to the ground threatening to drag the Klingon down with her. Kobor dropped her then placed one foot on the crushed paw, and poised the other at her neck.  His breathing could be seen by the heaving of his shoulders.
“You satisfied……Commander?” Kobor asked without turning his attention away from NightWind.

Rinaldi seemed quite pleased "Let her go lick her wounds, besides, you have this one to fight."  She indicated th^Hanera. "This should be a good one."
The Klingon let out a low growl of disapproval.  He turned his attention away from NightWind and locked his eyes with th'Hanera.  As Soan looked into Kobor's eyes, he wasn't sure about what he saw in them. Was there doubt there?  Had the alternate version of th'Hanera tangled with the Klingon before?
Kobor gave a slight nod to Rinaldi. Despite the horrible aching in his lower region, he straightened his body, indicating his readiness.

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