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by Cadet Flower Sheme
[Stardate ]

   Flower walked back to her room to get ready to impersonate her evil self.  How she was going from cute kitten to ruthless killer?  She wasnt sure how that was going to happen.  The worst part of her assignment was she had to shoot her partner!  Anyone who knows these two Security cadets knows that they would risk their lives for the other.  Flower hoped that Soan would understand how hard it was going to be for her to even pull the trigger.   She also hoped that he would forgive her.
   Looking in the mirror, she starts to wonder just what torture he was being put thru.  She felt so stupid and naive for bringing a fake Soan on board!  She hated being tricked!  Thinking back to how the fake Soan had attacked her in sickbay, no matter how mad he was at her, he would never attacked her like that.  Flower could always count on that fact.
  Thinking about her partner soon caused a grould to emit from her.  She could feel her anger buidling.  Slowly her eyes started to become more scary looking.  Also she had to make her uniform look like her counterpart"s.  There was one last thing she needed to do to fully embrace her inner tiger.  Earlier Commander Rinaldi had asked her what part should be cut off.  She suggested the tail.  Thien she started to remember back when Ensign Kale Barron was at campus.  He had worked with her to help transulate her painful meows.  That technology was part of all the universal transulators now.  She had to disable them in order to make sure that no one could understand what her counterpart was meowing while she was impersonating her.
  She grabbed the medical laser and headed to the brig, thinking just how in the world she would even get close enough without getting hurt.

To Be Continued

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