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"Why Would I Mind?" JPL

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by Cadet Soan th'Hanera & Cadet Flower Sheme
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JPL by Cadets Sheme & th'Hanera

    The sun shone and the temperature had reached sixty degrees, farenheit.  It was a stark contrast to the week prior when the temperature was in the high thirties. Compared to the fozen world of Andoria, this was a virtual paradise.  Cadet Soan th'Hanera sat on one of the benches outside the mesa hall on the grounds of Starfleet Academy. He was leaning with his head back on the bench, his eyes closed, and his legs stretched out.  Cadet Flower Sheme, a felinoid, tried to sneak up on him.
    "Hello, Flower," th'Hanera said without even opening his eyes.
    "Hello, Soan," Flower said, her ears twisting slightly to show disappointment.  "Heard me huh?"
    "No," he answered truthfully, his antennae swivel about.  He could actually sense the tension in his friend as she tried to approach stealthily.
    Flower sat down: "Really?" she asked.
    Soan opened his eyes and sat up.  He looked at her, his antennae tilting back ever so slightly in irritation that she still did not know this about Andorians. "Yes, really." he simply said.
    "Okay," Sheme said not really noticing the irritated expression, as slight as it was.  "Fun last few weeks."
    Soan's antennae came forward: "Excuse me?"
    "Our survival class," Sheme clarified. Soan nodded his agreement. Her tail looped a bit and amusement could be seen in her eyes. "Silly blue boy."
    Soan merely smirked.
    "How will you survive next year?" Sheme suddenly asked, then added, "Without your partner."
    Again the antennae tilted backwards slightly. He slowly turned his head to look at her. As sarcastically as he could, he said,  "You're not gonna be here? I'm done then.  I'll never make it."
    "You don't mean that," Sheme said, to which Soan buried his head in his hands and just shook it.  She looked at him, confused for a moment then said, "I have been thinking about kesiun's offer."
    "Which was?" th'Hanera asked. She hadn't told him all the details of her Paris visit. Or if she had, he probably blocked it because, frankly, Soan thought Flower talked a lot. Sometimes he would just nod and let her talk.
    "Going to Paris for a year," She said. "To learn more about my mother. He knows more than father ever told me."
    "Go for a year?" th'Hanera asked.
    "After graduation, yes," she said.
    Soan nodded, "Sounds like a plan."
    "Yes, Sheme agreed.  "This way I can still help my partner."  She smiled. Soan wasn't certain just what she meant by that and didn't ask.  Flower then said, "I hope you don't mind."
    "Why w0uld I mind?" th'Hanera asked.  Flower just grinned and Soan merely shook his head again.
    "I haven't had any reactions lately," Sheme said.
    "You avoiding my question?" the Amdorian asked.
    "Perhaps," the Catonian answered.
    Soan shrugged. "Okay then." He leaned back again, to try and catch the last of the early evening sun's rays.
    "I don't know why you would mind," Sheme admitted.
    "Then why would you ask that?" he asked, his eyes still closed. "It's not like I have any control over you.  We are just partners in the academy.  I fully expect we'll get different assignments, especially with you being a year ahead of me."
    "That is true," Sheme conceded. "I don't want to lose a friend."
    Soan picked his head up and looked at her.  "You'll never lose a friend."
    "Okay," Sheme said.
    "Okay," th'Hanera said with a satisfied nod.
    Flower giggled and looks at the sunset.  "Doesn't compare to Paris. At all."
    "Wouldn't know," th'Hanera replied.  The two shared a laugh.

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