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"Invitation to Paris" part eleven: Galleries and Goodbyes

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by Cadet Flower Sheme
[Stardate ]

“Invitation to Paris”
Part Eleven: Galleries and Goodbyes
A Joint log series between Ensign Sheme, Cadet Sheme, and Ambassador Kesiun

  After watching the cadets transport away, Kesiun looked over at Tiger.  He had spent most of the weekend with Flower and he hoped that she understood why he invited Flower back.  Tiger grew up knowing her mother.  Flower never had those precious moments that Tiger does.  “My love, how was breakfast?”
  “Delicious as always.  I understand why you spent time with my sister.  Flower never really had a mother.  Which brings up this question: how is she fighting the Felinous Fever?” Tiger wondered.
  “That has me wondering also.  Mothers must mix the herb with their milk as soon as the kitten is born.  Whose milk did we give Sweet Flower?  Her small body would have rejected all other milk but her mothers,” Kesiun holds Tiger closer.
  “I know I was too young, but I sort of wonder how my little sister is fighting the deadly virus.  We know how I am fighting it, but we don't know how Flower is.  Somehow she is,” Tiger said.
  “We can look at this for many hours, but why don't we think of Flower as a blessing,” Sirun chimed in.
  “I agree.  Now should we visit the art galleries and you can tell me details from each picture?” Kesiun suggested.  He knew Tiger was very sharp at picking out details.
  Tiger knew why he wanted to take her to the art galleries, because last year when she was doing her internship tour on Earth.  She enjoyed seeing all the different art and saw many details with each masterpiece.  Being a science officer, Tiger needed to notice detail and differences.  “I would enjoy that very much.” She purred.
  Kesiun smiled as he held her close, “You might see a new detail that you didn't see before.  You are very good at doing that.  Which makes you a very sharp officer,” he praised Tiger.
  A blush found its way to her cheeks, she didn't feel like she deserved such praise.  She was still an Ensign but she was good at seeing details.  “Thank you,” was the only response she could think of.
  Sirun could tell that Tiger was clearly embarrassed by the proud words of the older Catonian.  “Kesiun, should I inform your driver to bring the hover car over?” he quickly asked.
  “Please do Sirun.  I have some time to make up with my dear mate here,” Kesiun replied.
  Sirun nodded and went to inform the driver to get the hover car ready.  He was very aware of the galleries Kesiun wanted to visit.  Last year, he showed Tiger all the art galleries in Paris.  He always loved seeing the Louvre museum, and the beautiful art there.
    Tiger walks away from the transporter pad and over to a chair by her small desk.  Sitting down, she looked at Kesiun, wondering if he had any meetings that day, but figured he didn't, as he wanted to visit art galleries.
  Kesiun looked at his schedule and frowned, he was due to report to Starfleet on the subject of the meeting cancelled.  He had completely forgot about to tell headquarters, that the Klingons had cancelled any hopes of becoming trading partners.  Perhaps he could quickly tell them on the way to the gallery.  But then again, now everything was reported on time, would they allow him to be a little late on his report?  Kesiun really didn't have those answers and he almost didn't want to know the answers.  He only wanted to spend time with his mate and now be an Ambassador right now.  Maybe he was being a little selfish, but he hasn't seen Tiger in almost a full Terran year.  He decided to just be with Tiger and face his consequences later.
  Sirun returned after informing the driver of the next tour of Paris.  This tour would be art galleries and perhaps La Fantasea again.  He hoped to be invited to eat with them.  “The hover car is outside, Mr. Ambassador.  Which gallery is first?” Sirun asked.
  Kesiun almost jumped as he name was being called.  “Well first I thought we could drive to the Notre Dame and listen to the afternoon bells.  Please have Tiger dressed also for dinner.  I will also wear my dressier clothes, and Sirun please wear yours.”
  “I don't have any.  Only you and Tiger have more fancy like outfits.  I am a humble aide,” Sirun said politely.
  “You are more than just my aide.  You are also a very trusted friend of mine.  You get along with Tiger like you were her brother.  And how you greeted Flower and her friend, was very professional.  There is a robe in your closet,” Kesiun smiled.
  Sirun ran to his closet and opened the door.  Inside was a green robe that had leaves as the pattern.  He was very grateful for the gift.  As he was putting it on, Kesiun walked over to help his friend into his robe.  “Thank you,” Sirun said as he turned to look at his friend.
  “It suits you.  Please join Tiger and me for dinner.  We will eat at the La Fantasea one more time before Tiger is picked up, and I want us to be together, like last year.  We became a family as Tiger stayed for those six months,” Kesiun smiled.
  Sirun felt a purr start to rise in his throat.  He wasn't a mere aide after all.  He had a true friend now and forever.  Tiger is like his sister as they joked with one another.  He felt like he finally found friends.  He walked over to Tiger who was sitting at her small desk.  The smile on his face told Tiger how much he missed seeing her at this desk.  “Miss Sheme, time to get dressed for dinner,” he said politely.
  Tiger walks with Sirun to the bedroom to get changed for dinner, “Dinner in the afternoon?” she asked as he helped her out of her uniform.
  “No, we will be having dinner tonight.   The Ambassador asked me to make sure you were properly attired for dinner tonight.  He's taking us to the La Fantasea before you have to leave to return to duty,” Sirun helped Tiger into her nice dress.
  Twenty minutes pass as the three Catonians walks over to the hover car, and gets inside.  The driver heads over to the Notre Dame as the noon bells were sounding off.  Just as before the driver rolls down all the windows as he also loved to hear the lovely bells.  To him they sounded like the music after a Joining back on Catonia.  He also feels more peaceful as he drove past Notre Dame.
  Sirun placed a paw around Tiger as they all listened to the bells as they drove towards the Louvre to look at the masterpieces inside.  Last year when Kesiun had real important meetings, he had asked Sirun to show Tiger Paris, which Sirun did very willingly and had many intriguing talks with Tiger,  Knowing how the Ensign felt about the art, told Sirun she doesn't have the peacefulness that she has when she is in Paris.  “Don't want to return to duty, do you Tiger?” Sirun grinned as she jumped.
  “Yes and no.  Yes, because I am really enjoying my time here.  No, on the other paw, is because I have a post to return to.  You should know how important Starfleet is for me,” Tiger explained as they arrived at the Louvre.
  The driver stops the hover car as the three step out.  All the people show respect for the Ambassador as he approached with Tiger and Sirun behind him.  Kesiun reached behind to hold Tiger closer as they walked towards the entrance.  After paying to enter the museum, the group walked inside the art museum and started the tour of art.
  Tiger wraps her tail around her waist as they strolled around the halls and rooms of the Louvre.  It took about two hours to look at all the art.  Sirun wasn't rushing the couple as he enjoyed how Tiger saw different details of the paintings.  Kesiun also wanted Tiger to take her time and not causally pass by the art.
  A few of the people recognized Kesiun and Tiger from either a party or a meeting, and had smiles on their faces.  They had deep respect for both Ambassador and officer, that all they could do was gentle bow or quickly salute them walking out of the museum, and back to the hover car.  The driver opens the door as they approached.
  Sirun waits as the couple enter first, and get in after them. He sat beside tiger again, as they drove to another gallery in the city.  They had a few more hours before dinner so they could do one more gallery that day.  Kesiun looked at his friend and smiled.  He really did get along with Tiger and protected her when they were in the Louvre museum.  If he didn't know better, Kesiun could almost see part of Rose and Casius Sheme in his friend.  Maybe that was part of the reason he picked Sirun to be his aide.
  Tiger relaxes as the car drove around Paris.  She was very grateful that Lana had given her her updated allergy shot as the city was covered with the large round orange plant.  When she returns to her post, she will have to thank you doctor and best friend that her latest shot has lasted almost a full month.  They were very interesting to look at, and some were cut to form patterns.  If she wasn't allergic to these seasonal items, she too would be having fun carving and making patterns with her claws and paws to wash the design after carving it out.  Tiger think back to when she first found out that she was allergic to pumpkins.  It was in her first year as an emt cadet, and the Dean asked Medical to check al the food and candy to make sure everything was safe.  She remembers sniffing the pumpkins and felt very light headed afterwards.  That was her first encounter with the large orange objects.  Thinking back that far felt like have a lifetime to her.
  The three went to another art gallery before heading to dinner.  This gallery was full of sculptures and some paintings, but mostly sculptures.  This tour wasn't as exciting as the Louvre was, so it went faster than the last tour went.  The three traveled to the Eiffel Tower again as the restaurant was located near the famous landmark  As the hover car passed the tower, Tiger saw the lights shine very brightly.  Something she would miss when she has to return to duty would have to be the beautiful night lights, and of course the soothing bells.  Sirun noticed how the bells and lights calmed the young Ensign as they calmed the Ambassador every night.  Looking at Kesiun, he could notice how relaxed his friend was, not only with Tiger beside him once again.  Maybe he could come up with a present for Tiger.  Something that she could use on the starbase to keep her calm and collected.  Sirun knew just what to make Tiger: a small music box that shines as the music plays.
  As the group walked to La Fantasea, Sirun noticed a jewelry store right next to the restaurant.  He recognized the place quickly as it was the saw store Kesiun got her snowflake locket he gave Tiger last year, he stepped away from the couple in front of him.  Would they notice if he slipped away for a few minutes?  Perhaps they would, but he couldn't have Tiger see what he was doing for her.  Rainbow Jewels had a music box in their display window that had the Eiffel tower carved into its base.  On the top was a frame that could hold a picture and he was certain he could have lights surrounding the frame appear.
  Slipping into Rainbow Jewels, Sirun asks to see the music box from the display window and hear its music.  The shopkeeper cranked up the music box.  The music was the bells of Notre Dame.  A huge purr could be heard as Sirun pulls out a data disk, “Can you please input the images on this disk for the picture frame?”
  “Yes we can.  It will cost a little more, but we can do this.  How soon will you need it?” the shopkeeper asked.
  “By tomorrow night or soon would be purrfect, Sirun said as he noticed Kesiun was waiting for him.
  The shopkeeper nodded and takes the music box to work on.  Sirun walks over to his friend, “Why did you slip away?” Kesiun asked.
  “My apologies Mr. Ambassador, but right now I cant tell you,” he said solemnly When can you tell me?”
  “When Tiger is resting,” Sirun said, giving Kesiun the hint that he was doing something for her.
  Kesiun grinned, “I see.  Well time for our reservation at the restaurant.  Thought we try a different dish tonight.  We always have their cooked salmon.” He said.
  “What did you have in mind?” Tiger asked.
  “I was thinking about having the trout with chicken on the side,” Kesiun explained.
  The two nodded as they walked to their table.  The Eiffel tower was in the background again.  Tiger loved the tower behind them as they all had their meal.  It was a nice and calm feeling that overcame her.  Sirun ordered for the group this time and for drinks he ordered ice cold milk.  The waiter takes down the order and departs to give the cook the order.  Kesiun looked at Sirun, wondering what his friend had in mind for his mate.  Sirun just smiled and looked over to Tiger.
  While the three enjoyed the meal, Sirun received a notice that the music box was all done and ready to be paid for whenever.  He saw his chance as Kesiun started to dance with Tiger, as the musicians played near the tower.  Returning to Rainbow Jewels, the shopkeeper had it ready to show her customer.  As the music played, the images changed with the music.  It was beautiful and exactly what Sirun asked for.  “One more request.  How much would it cost to wrap this in a box?” he asked.
  “We can do that for nothing,” the shopkeeper places the music box into another bow with a bow on it, “Please come again.”
  Sirun smiled as he paid for the item and picked up the gift as Kesiun finished his dance with Tiger, “Ready to return to the embassy?” he asked as Tiger leaned against him.
  Sirun nodded and the group got into the hover car to go back to the embassy.  Kesiun held his mate who was sound asleep, “Okay, Mr. Ambassador, I can show you what I am going to give Tiger,” Sirun revealed the wrapped present.
  “What is inside?”  Kesiun asked.
  “A music box with lights like Paris at night.  Also with the pictures I took last year during the gallery tours.  Just a little gift for Thoughtful Tiger.  When Sweet Flower graduates, I will send one to her.  Do you think she will stay with us in Paris for a year?”
  “I don't know if she will.  It would help her find out more about her mother, and perhaps her path will become clear again,” Kesiun hoped.
  The rest of the evening wasn't eventful as the three went to bed as they got home.  Kesiun spent all Tuesday talking with Starfleet and the captain of the Forestail had contacted Tiger to let her know about when they would be in orbit to pick her up and take her back to the Everest.  She replied and wen to pack her clothes.  Sirun gently taps her should to get her attention as he was holding a small gift for her, “Thoughtful Tiger?” he asked.
  Tiger looked at Sirun, “Yes, Mr. Sirun?”  Sirun hands her the box with a bow, “What is this?”
  “You have to open it to find out,” he smiled as Tiger sat down on the bed.
  Tiger carefully opens the gift and looks at the music box.  On the was her picture with the Eiffel Tower in the background.  As she cranked the winder on the music box, the imaged rotated, lights were glowing and the music was the bells of Notre Dame.  Tears came to her eyes, “This is so beautiful!  I  appreciate it.”
  Sirun hugged Tiger, “Anything to keep Paris with you always.  Remember last year we saw all the art galleries?  We also went to the tower and saw the lights?”
  “Of course I remember the tours.  I had no idea you were taking pictures of what we saw.  I love it, Sirun!” Tiger gently puts the music box on top of her clothes inside her suitcase.  “I have to leave soon.  In fact, right now the ship that brought me here, is in orbit and waiting for me to contact them.”;
  Kesiun walks over and gives her one final nuzzle as he helps her onto the transporter pad.  “Until next time, my love.”
  Tiger nodded and contacted the captain, “Captain, one to beam up.”  As she was being transported, she looked at her mate and Sirun, “Until next time, Kesiun.”  Tiger was now on her way back to the Starbase Everest.


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