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"Invitation to Paris" part 10 Casius calls and Flower returns to the Academy

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by Cadet Flower Sheme
[Stardate ]

“Invitation to Paris”
Part 10: Casius calls and Flower returns to the Academy
A Joint Log series between Ensign Sheme, Cadet Sheme, Ambassador Kesiun and Casius Sheme.
  After dancing with the music behind them, the group heads back to the embassy as it was getting late.  The group enjoyed a delicious meal and enjoyed dancing together.  The young Catonian cadet shared a dance with the Ambassador while B'Raitha danced with Tiger.  He showed great respect for the officer.  He often wondered how did this Ensign enjoy the Academy, but didn't know how to ask her.  Flower, on the other paw, was telling Kesiun everything that she experienced at the academy already.  Kesiun listened as they shared their dance.
  The dance ended and the four got back into the hover car and headed home to relax by a warm fire and enjoy hot cocoa.  Sirun had gone home ahead of the others, to make sure the warm beverage was all ready for them when they got home.  He knew that Kesiun would want to have some when he got home after an evening in Paris with his friends.
  As the hover car drove past the Notre Dame, the evening bells were sounding off.  They were so soft on the ears and pleasant to hear.  Tiger looked at Kesiun, “When should we contact Casius?  We pawmised to call him after the meeting.  He doesn't know that the meeting was cancelled and they showed no interests in trading with us.”
  “Perhaps when we get home we can call the planet and tell him, but right now my love, you really need to be with your sister.  She is nervous about facing the reality of Starfleet.  Maybe some time with her sister will help her feel ready,” Kesiun said as the car stopped in front of the embassy.
  Sirun opens the door and helps the guests step out, “Welcome home Mr. Ambassador.  There is warm cocoa by the fireplace.”
  Kesiun purrs, “Thank you Sirun.  I trust there are also warm blankets also by the fireplace?” he asked as he helped B'Raitha out of the hover car.
  “Of course there is.  Please enjoy your cocoa,” Sirun smiled.
  As the four of them walked to the fireplace to have hot cocoa, Flower walked beside Tiger, feeling not as worried as she was at dinner.  Tiger thought about what she spoke with Kesiun.  He was right, Flower needed a mother to talk to, but she didn't have one after Rose Sheme died as she pushed Flower out to the world.  She not only was Flowers older sister, but also became like a mother to her.  With a comforting paw around her, Flower started to purr and felt relaxed. The fire was warm and inviting.  B'Raitha started towards his friend to comfort her, but a paw on his own shoulder stopped him, “Now isnt the time.  Let the Ensign cheer up the Cadet.”
  “Yes Mr. Ambassador,” B'Raitha remained beside Kesiun.  During the past few days Kesiun has taught him to notice Flowers emotions and how to care for her and not make matters worse.
  “Don't worry Cadet, I can see you really care for Flower.  She willlean on you in time,” Kesiun smiled and sipped some cocoa from the cupbowls.
  B'Raitha also sipped some of his and smiled.  During this trip, he has learned more about his fellow cadet than he knew before.  He observed from afar for the first year he met Flower.  Before him stood a very determined cadet to be a great security officer, despite her cute kitten features.  Now he knows about her mother and the closeness of her older sister.  He also know that Flower can become emotional and vunerable.  “I hope you are right, Mr. Ambassador.”
  “Don't worry, B'Raitha she will,” Sirun chimed in.
  Over the weekend, the two cadets learned more about each other as they visited other sites around Paris.  Soon Sunday evening came around and it was nearly time for them to return to their classes.  They really werent ready to return, but they still were cadets, not full officers yet.  They were both scheduled to graduate in June this year.  “Sweet Flower, it is almost time to return to the Academy,” Kesiun said quietly.
  “I know Mr. Ambassador.  I am just not ready to return to my classes yet.  I have really enjoyed my first trip here.  The tours around town I will never forget them, ever,” Flower said as she walked to the balcony of the embassy to look at the lights of Paris.  At night, she has enjoyed watching the lights before going to bed.
  Kesiun looked over to Flower and walks over to her, “Maybe you can return one day.  You seem to really enjoy the lights.  Do the lights shine in San Francisco?”
  “Not like they shine here.  I cant explain how this place is different than the Academy.  But the lights here are more brighter that there.  Maybe it is because right now I am in the most beautiful city I have ever seen.”
  “Or because you are beside your true mate.  I can see how your eyes shine around B'Raitha.  You talk so calm around him, and he also cares for you.  Little Sweet Flower, you have found him,” Kesiun smiled proudly.
  Flower smiled, “I believe I have.  I feel like I can meow about anything with him. My fur feels warm when I am also around him.  How did you know my sister was your true mate?” she asked.
  Kesiun grins as he remembers, “Sweet Flower, I knew after she left to join Starfleet as a Cadet.  When se wasn't around all the time, I realized how much I really missed her.  Love, Sweet Flower, is a strong force when it is real and true.  You spoke about your partner with deep respect and concern, but there was no strong emotion in your voice,” he placed a paw on her shoulders.
  Flower knew Kesiun was right.  She had different feelings for both her fellow cadets.  She genuinely cared for both Soan and B:Raitha, but has stronger emotions towards the Caitian.  Soan will always be her partner and best friend, “I understand-”
  Flower was interrupted as the computer began to beep, “Incoming call from Catonia,” came the pleasant voice of the computer.
  Kesiun sighed as his screen faded away and Casius appeared.  Perhaps after they meow to each other, he could finish his talk with Flower.  “Greetings Casius,” he meowed.
  Casius looked around, not seeing Thoughtful Tiger, “How did the meeting go with the Klingons?” he asked.  Last he knew they were still open to talks.
  Kesiun walked to the computer, “We didn't have the meeting.  They cancelled and also ended future talks between our planet.”
  “How did Thoughtful Tiger handle the cancelation?” asked the leader.
  “She was very upset, because she had done all the research, but also very relieved at the same time.  Nervous during the drive to the meeting place, I guess she still has more growing to do.” Kesiun answered.
  “Is she sleeping already?” Casius asked Flower.
  Flower looked over to the screen, “No, she isnt father.  I think she is meowing with B'Raitha in the other room.”
  Kesiun nodded also, hoping his best friend wouldn't notice the false of his daughter.  “Yes she is.  B'Raitha wanted some more advice on surviving the Academy.”
  Casius nodded and ended the call, while Kesiun looks at Flower, “You know the truth, don't you?” she asked after her fathers image was replaced by the Starfleet logo.
  “Yes, Sweet Flower.  Tiger is really sleeping in my chambers and I also know that B'Raitha is fast asleep in the guest room.  Now what were you going to say when your father called?” Kesiun asked.
  “I was going to say that I understand what you ere saying and that you are right about my concern for my partner.  I do care for him and worry when he isnt himself or that the test with the Breen was too real for him,” Flower finished her thought.
  Kesiun purred with pure proudness, “You really are like your mother in many ways than you realize.  For never knowing your mother, you really have her caring personality.”  He walked to a seat and sat down.  Reaching into a drawer, he pulls out a picture of Rose Sheme and handed it to Flower.
  Flower almost cried as she looks at the picture, “I really do look like my mother!  It is a shame I never saw her,” tears started to stream down her furry cheeks.
  Kesiun holds Flower again as she let go of some of the barrier inside her.  He really felt sad that she never was held by her mother.  The way that Flower reacted to the picture told him that she never saw how much she looked like her mother.  “You never knew did you?”
  “No, father really spoke about mother.  All he would say that he couldn't lose mother again.  Of course I asked him what he was meowing about, he never told me.  I am happy I came to Paris, I learned about my mother.  I thank you,” Flower purred as she relaxed in his arms.
  Kesiun cuddled Flower in his paws as she helped her calm down to rest.  Tomorrow she had to return to her classes.  He was also glad she came.  Being able to step back from his duties and share a moment with Flower was refreshing for Kesiun.  He still wanted to show her more of Paris, but that would have to wait.  Soon Flower was sound asleep and purring.
  Monday morning came as Sirun made breakfast for everyone. Kesiun still had Flower in his paws, as she had fallen asleep after their talk last night.  He could tell he really helped her to calm down enough to rest.  “So you finally told her about Rose?” Sirun asked as he saw the picture in her paws tightly.
  Kesiun nodded, “Casius never did mention it to Flower.  She has the right to know about her mother.  I know I pawmised to never tell Flower, but I had to break it.  She asked me about her mother, I couldn't keep it secret from her.  We were wrong to never have told her.  Tiger wasn't aloud to say anything either, but now I know that was wrong,” he stopped as Flower started to wake up.
  Sirun nodded, “Yes we were wrong to not speak of it.  Since Casius clearly wont tell her more, perhaps more trips here with you will help her really find answers.”
  “I agree dear friend.  I am her only lint to really knowing her mother,” Kesiun carried Flower to the table to eat breakfast before returning to classes later that day.
  Tiger walks over with B'Raitha beside her.  Last night they both did talk with each other.  B'Raitha was hoping Tiger could help him learn to console Flower when the tough security cadet becomes overtaken by her emotions.  When it first happened, he felt powerless to help make her feel better.  “The best advice I can give you is just allow her a shoulder and a listening ear.  That is really all I did when she was upset or angry,” Tiger explained as she sat down to eat.
  B'Raitha mods slowly and also sat down, “What will happen after graduation Ensign?  I am the same year as your sister.”
  “I am very aware of that fact.  Graduation can split or bring cadets closer togetherh.  I serve with three of my academy friends,” Tiger smiled big as a plate was set in front of her.
  B”Raitha wondered if fate would keep him with Flpwer after they graduated.  Looking at Flower, he asks, “Are you ready to return to the Academy and our class?”
  After the night speaking with Kesiun had confirmed the answer, “Yes I am.  I talked to Kesiun last night and he gave me assurance that I would be a great Defender and Protector,” Flower said as she waited to be served breakfast.
  “In June, you will be an Ensign.  Have you thought about what is next for your path?” Tiger asked as she poured some milk in a cupbowl.
  Flower shook her head, as she never thought about what was next.  There were still many questions about her mother and how she was fighting the illness that took her mother.  Perhaps she should return to Paris to discover more about Rose.  She tried many times to ask her father about this touchy subject, but she needed to know her mother, “My path is not certain at the moment,” She stated plainly.
  “Why the doubts sister?” Tiger asked a little worried now.
  Flower looked straight in Tigers eyes, “Because I don't know if I will see another sunrise with I get an assignment.”
  Tiger giggled, “Every assignment runs that risk for all officers.  I cant think of one member of Starfleet to not feel timid.  It is only natural for these doubts to be coming.”
  B'Raitha nods his broad had as he listened.  He would be entering Starfleet alongside Flower, so he could understand why she was feeling the way she was.
  As the group at the breakfast Sirun cooked for them, they had small talk among themselves.  Kesiun had an idea for Flower “You path is unclear because you only know half of who you are.  Will you consider staying on Earth with me until you know who you are?” he asked Flower.
  Flower looks up, “Can I think about it?” she wondered as Kesiun helped her onto the transporter pad.
  “Of course.  Now go, wouldn't want you to be late for class,” Kesiun also helped B'Raitha onto the pad.
  Flower smiled and looked at her sister who also smiled.  The transporter was activated and soon the two cadets left Paris and were back at the Academy, just in time for their class

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