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"An Actual Snowball fight?" A PJL between Cadets Soan Th'Hanera and Flower Sheme

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by Cadet Flower Sheme & Cadet Flower Sheme
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“An Actual Snowball Fight?”

By Caets Sheme & th'Hanera


    As cadets at Starfleet Academy, as well as celebrants in the San Francisco/Oakland area enjoyed the festivities associated with the turning of a new year, they were also surprised by an unusual weather event.  Snow had fallen throughout the area. Four inches of the white precipitation had fallen overnight to ring in 2394.  The newsnets were all abuzz as this had not occurred in the San Francisco area for decades.  The last such snowfall had been in February of 2323 when tow inches had covered the area.

    Cadet Soan th'Hanera ventured outside his dorm building to enjoy the natural, or unnatural, occurance.  He walked alng the already-cleared walkway, simply enjoying the feel of the cold area and the completely different look of a snow covered campus.  He wondered, briefly, about the gardens that Boothby so diligently tended to.

    “Hey, Soan,” came the familiar voice of Cadet Flower Sheme.

    “What's going on?” th'Hanera asked, turning to his fellow cadet and friend.

    “Just saying …€Â˜hi',” the felinoid  said.

    “Coolness,” the Andorian said, his demeanor unusually light.. “Hi!” He spread his arms wide. “Can you believe the beauty of all this?”

    “I know,” Sheme replied, mischief in her eyes, “Have you ever had a snowball fight?”

    Soan's antennae slanted back slightly at the question. “Uhh.. Yes.  I come from, basically, an ice planet. Remember?”

    “Guess I sorta forgot,” the Catonian said, her tail drooping just a bit. She looked away from her friend.

    “Hey, Flower!” Soan called to her, quickly regaining his good humor.

    “Yes Soan?”

    In a graceful move, Soan scooped up a hand full of snow, packing it loosely together and tossed it at her, hitting her on the shoulder. “Think fast!”

    Flower giggled.  "Jerk!” She followed his example, grabbing some snow and making a ball, throwing it at the Andorian. Fully expecting it, he easily dodged her throw.

    “You throw like a cat!" Soan teased.  He tossed another snowball at her.

    “Hey, Andorian!” came another voice.  Soan turned just in time to see B'Raitha, the Caitian security cadet,  join in the fray.  He used his tail to scoop snow and toss it to his paws. He then balled the snow and fired at Soan.

    “Ohhh, so the big kittly wants to join in too, eh?" th'Hanera said. He quickly gathered another handful of snow and rapid-fired on to Flower, ducking and grabbing more show, rapidly firing at B'Raitha.

    The …€Â˜cats” were getting into the frolicking.  In her excitement, Flower tried to pounce Soan from behind. Through his antennae, Soan sensed her approach.  He waited until the very last minute and dove to his left, letting Flower flop in the snow.

   “Grrr,” the Catonian let out. “I hate you.”

    Soan simply laughed and scooped up more snow, dumping it on her. “Works for me. “ His expression turned to surprise as he got hit with a snowball from B'Raitha.  Flower took the momentary distraction to raise from the snow and tap the Andorain on the shoulder.


    Soan gage out an exaggerated, “Ahh!”  He tried to get a bead on the Caitian again.

    Flower giggles as she revealed herself.  “I guess the mighty Soan can be startled.”  She grabbed up some more snow, patting it into a ball to have it ready.

    Soan's antennae slanted back.  “You obviously cannot tell an exaggerated response from a genuine one.” He turned and splatted her with the snow in his hands.

    Flower giggled and let loose with the snowball in her hand. "No I can't.  I haven't learned that yet.”

    Cadet Lauren MacElvoy, the cute security cadet who Soan had shared  a shift with at the gate, came running over to help SOan fight the two cats.  She grabbed up some snow and immediately tagged B'Raitha with a snowball. Soan quickly grabbed up another handful of snow,  shaped it quickly and fired it at Flower.

    “You really should learn,” he advised the Catonian. “It could help you in security situations." Bits of snow hit him in the side of his face as one thrown by B'Raitha smacked into his shoulder and broke apart.

    Flower hid behind a small snow mound as she fired off another shot. “And in what situations are you thinking about?”

    “Need a hand, Cadet Th'Hanera?”  Lauren asked as she fired off two snowball in quick succession toward B'Raitha. “Growing up in the Rochester, New York area really gives a girl an edge in snowbacll fights.”

    “Talanted assistance is always appreciated, Cadet MacElvoy,” th'Hanera responded, looking to see where Flower disappeared to.

    “Lauren,” MacElvoy corrected.

    Spotting it at the last possible moment, Soan put up his hand and actually caught the snowball thrown by Flower. He immediately flung it back at her. “Situations where you would have to read your opponent.”

    Flower peeked above the mound and was hit in the face. “How do I read expressions?”

    "Seriously?" Soan asked, as he narrowly dodged a shot from B'Raitha.  "Certainly you can tell when I am annoyed, or when B'Raitha is happy?"

    “I can do that, just because I have been paired up with you many times.”

    "So, why couldn't you tell when I was exaggerating?" Soan asked, now just watching for Flower because Lauren had his back against B'Raitha.

    “I don't knw now. Honestly,” Flower admitted.

    Soan grinned as he came over the mound, pushing more snow onto Flower. "Guess there's more for you to learn."

    Flower growled as she quickly scrambled out of Soan's way and then tackled him again. “I guess so,” she said with a grunt as they both went down in the snow. Soan rolled, putting Flower into the snow, with him on top. He quickly rolled again, getting off her and getting to his feet.  He was quickly knocked dow again as B'Raitha tackled him. Lauren tackled the big cat, pushing him uoff the Andorian.  The four sat in the snow a few minutes, laughing (with B'Raitha's tail corkscrewing in lieu of actual laughter).

    Getting back up, they all brushed themselves off, then walked over to the mess hall to enjoy som hot chocolate.


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