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"invitation to paris" part 9: dinner in Paris

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by Cadet Flower Sheme
[Stardate ]

“Invitation to Paris”
Part 9: Dinner in Paris
A Joint log series between Ensign Sheme, Cadet Sheme, and Ambassador Kesiun

  It took about ten minutes to get to the Eiffel Tower and the lights were glowing brighter.  As the driver stopped the hovercar in a parking place, Sirun opened the door for the couples to step out together and ride the elevator to the top again.  Maybe not meeting with the Klingons wasn't a bad thing.  Monday the two cadets were to return to classes, and it was clear that they werent ready to return to class.  They were enjoying their vacation and time together.
  Tiger knew she would have to return also, but it had been a long time since she saw Kesiun, she almost wanted it to last forever.  But the Starfleet officer in her wouldn't allow it.  Kesiun felt as if most of his stress went away when the meeting was canceled and he had more time with Tiger.  “Sirun, please get reservations for four at the resturant I took Tiger to last year,” Kesiun ordered as he and the others entered the elevator again.
  Sirun nodded and took the car over to the place called La Fantasea, known for their salmon platters.  Last year Kesiun had his first real romantic cate with Tiger at this very resturant.  Now he wanted to have another meal, but this time with Flower and B'Raitha.
  The couples rode the elevator to the top of the tower.  As the doors opened, the area is crowded with the various different couples, who all came out tosee the lights of the city.  As Kesiun walks past the couples to a safetyy rail, they all show respect for the Ambassador.  “Come my love, look at how beautiful Paris is,” he held out his paw to her.
  Tiger gently took his paw and looked down at the city of Paris.  Kesiun was right, it was beautiful to see the lights at night.  “Wow!  The special effects at my graduation cant compare to this display of light!” she said looking at the lights.
  Flower held B'Raithas paw as she looked at the lights of the city, she saw this before, but that was during the day and not at night.  It was magical to see the beauty of the city.  Even the firewords couldn't compart to what she was looking.  B'Raitha was also mesmerized by the lights.
  “My love, I am very happy you are here to enjoy the lights again,” Kesiun said as he held Tiger closer.
  Tiger purred again, “Even though I saw these last year, they are still marvelous.”
  “When do you have to return to duty?” Kesiun asked his guests.
  The young cadets looked over, “We have classes on Monday.  We could always beam over before our first class we both have,” B”Raitha said quickly.
  “And you my love?” Kesiun asked Tiger.
  “The USS Forrestal will be picking me up in a few days.  So I can stay a couple days more.  They wont be back until Wednesday,” Tiger said as she looked up.
  “So I have the cadets until Monday, and I get you for a few more days?” he asked Tiger.
  Tiger nodded her head, “That is right.  Why do you ask?”
  “Because I had Sirun go ahead and make dinner reservations at the La Fantasea, the resturant we tried last year when you were here.  I am inviting your sister and her friend, so I asked Sirun to get a table for four.” Kesiun said to Tiger.
  Tiger smiled wide.  “I havent been there in a full year!  They still have the incredible salmon dinner?”
 “They should my love.  I hope your sister and B'Raitha would also join us.  Flower, will you join us for dinner?” Kesiun asked Flower.
  Flower looked away from the lights and to the elder Catonian.  “I would love to.  B'Raitha, you wiil also come, right?” she asked Braitha.
  B”Raitha moved his paw around her, “Of course I will come.  The place sounds like it serves good food.”
 The group leaves the Eiffel Tower, and walks over to the resturant where Sirun was waiting for them with a table for four behind him, “How were the lights tonight Mr. Ambassador.” Sirun asked.
  “Beautiful as al2ways, my friend.  Is this our usual table?  The one with the tower in the background?” Tiger asked as she and the others walked over.
  Sirun giggled, “Is there any other view you want behind you as you eat?” he joked with Tiger.  Last year he and Tiger enjoyed sharing jokes with each other.
  “Oh of course not!” Tiger gently pushed Sirun.
  Kesiun grinned as his best friend and his mate played with each other.  It was like they were brother and sister, “Come lets eat everyone.”  He said as he pulled out one of the seats for Tiger.
  B”Raitha followed suit as he pulled out Flowers seat for her.  The girls each sat down in the pulled out chairs.  Afterwards their dates sat across from them.  The Eiffel Tower was behind them, still with the lights glowing in the night.
  “Welcome Mr. Ambassador and friends.  Can I take your order?” a waiter asked as the four looked at the menu.
  “Evening.  We would enjoy your famous coooked salmon with a light salad on the side,” Kesiun ordered for the group.
  The waiter wrote down the order, “Anything to drink?” he asked.
  “Just water please for everyone.  Remember to bring the cupbowls like last time,” Kesiun said.
  “Yes sir, we still have them.  Will get it to your table soon,” the waiter took the menus and walked about to get the water for the Fellnoids.
  Kesiun looked at his guests, “Sweet Flower, how are you enjoying your first trip here?” he asked.
  Flower looked over, “I am really enjoying my visit here.  I really didn't expect Paris to be so beautiful.  The bells from Notre Dame sounded like the red alert klaxon, but not as loud and alarming.  I enjoyed their sound.” She said.
  Tiger grinned as she listened to her sister.  She really was happy for Flower, and that her first visit was a good one.  “Sounds like you are having a fun time here.”
  “Tiger, how was your first trip?  Or any of your trips here?” Flower asked.  She knew her sister has had a few trips to Paris.
  Tiger thinks about her trips to aris.  She has had many memorable trips. “One trip was during my last year at the academy.  The Ambassador had invited me to Paris to join him at a state dinner right here in Paris.  And I will tell you right now, I felt very nervous to help represent our kind.  Anoher time was last year, during an internship for six months.  I learned much under Kesiun during that time,” she describes her trips to her sister.
  Kesiun remembers the state dinner clearly like it was yesterday.  Last year was the best year he ever had with Tiger.  Everyday they were together, he felt like he could do anything.  “That was a state dinner to never forget.  I never saw Tiger so beautiful before that night. Because of her assignment, I asked her to take a break from her duties and come study under me.”
  The waiter brings back the four cupbowls of water to the table, places them down then walked away to check on the food.  Flower drank some wateras the others also held their drinks.  “Very impressive Tiger.  Is that the reason why he wanted you to speak to the Klingons?” B”Raitha asked.
  Tiger nodded, “There was another reason.  During my second year at the academy, I was asked to act like a diplomat for Catonia on the summer cruise that summer.  Again I felt nervous and very unqualified for the special assigment.  Flower, I know you remember the group from Kieru, home of Ensign Tradt.  You were part of the welcome party.  Our world is new to the Federation and there is only you, me, Sirun, and Kesiun who are Catonians.  But we wont be the last,” Tiger explained.
  “But you never got into trouble, except with Boothby.  I know you helped and learned to heal simple wounds, helped nervous officers talk and you added us to the Cultural Center, which I neeed to add new information to,” Flower said as the waiter brings te plates over and sets them down.  The smell of the salmon was amazing, and Flower felt her mouth water with anticipation.
  “Please enjoy your meal.  I will check on you later,” the waiter smiled and left the table.
  Kesiun smiled to the others, “Please enjoy,” he said as he started to eat.
  Tiger begins to dig in to her first and salad.  Of course her home had salmon, but nothing could compare with the Paris resturant.  This really was the best place in town.  Flower started to cut her a bite to eat.  Oh my claws!  The salmon was amazing!  “Mr. Ambassador, this fish takes awesome!  Thanks for bringing me here!”
  “You are welcome, Sweet Flower.”  Kesiun grinned as he ate.
  The group ate their meal in silence, as the lights of the Eiffel Tower shined behind them.  Soon a group of musicians started to play music.  Kesiun stood and pulled Tiger up to dance with her again.  It had been far too long since the two danced together.  B'Raitha watched his meal was finished.  He had to admit, the first was very good.
  Tiger giggled as they danced together.  If only Kesiun could come live on Everest with her would be perfect for the both of them.  But the duties of both Tiger and Kesiun would conflict too much.
  The music faded in the background as it was gettiing late.  The group returned to the embassy to rest for the night.


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