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"The Procedure" Part IV: Conclusion

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by Cadet Katelyn McCaffrey & Cadet Kobor Tumar
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“The Procedure” Part IV: Conclusion

JL between Cadets Katelyn McCaffrey and Kobor Tumar

This log occurred just before Kate/Kobor returned to the academy after their transformation procedure...

Kate felt the warmth on her face from the sun.  She opened her eyes and saw a glowing ray of sunlight shining through the curtain of the hospital room.  She grinned and popped out of bed to go look out the window.  It was a beautiful autumn day.  “Kobor!  They’re going to release us today...look at that sun!  I could just bask in it all day.”  She said excitedly; trying to wake the sleeping Klingon.  “It’s a sign Kobor...a start of a new day--with us back to normal.  This is going to be a good term!”  

Kobor growled under the covers of his bed. "I feel funny...Kate, but you are fine?" His voice was muffled. His hair was... different.

Kate looked back to the lump under the covers in Kobor’s bed.  “Funny?  How?  You didn’t show any ill effects over the last couple of days; don’t tell me you are developing something now!”  Walked to his bedside.  “I feel better than ever before!  And FINALLY me again.”  She gazed down at her arms, and body--back to good old Kate self--a petite, teenage human girl with lavender eyes that happened to also be a shapeshifter.

"It's like I have a cold, but I don't." He pushed down the covers to just below his eyes. The light was harsh and he squinted at first. "Only your health is relevant. I'm sure it's nothing since I had a longer road to travel to get back to Klingon."

“True.  Your body isn’t use to change, especially that drastic of one.  I’m just glad you got to get your Klingon back.  The doctors said you’d feel fatigued for a while--and probably a little off.  But we’ve passed our last few check ups with flying colors--so hopefully this last check will get us a pass out of this place!”  She looked back toward the window.  “I need to get out of here, Kobor!  I’ve been too long cooped up in a little space...and I don’t want to miss any more school.”

When Kate finally regained her shifting ability, she immediately shifted into all her favorite forms--including the cat, and the hawk.  As the cat she ran through the halls of the hospital--much to the dismay of the hospital staff.  And as a hawk she even escaped through the hospital window and soared over the garden outside.  She was sure to escape between nurse checks so she wouldn’t get caught.  

Kate trembled with anxious excitement.  “Ohhh….I can’t wait for the nurses….I’m shifting now!”  And in just a few seconds, Kate was a blue and black butterfly; fluttering above Kobor.

The Klingon was more awake now and wondered if his reflexes were back to their old self. He quickly reached up with both hands and cupped Kate between them, making sure not to crush her delicate wings. "Got you," he said with a smirk.  Kobor only held her there for a moment before he opened his hands slowly and stared her down.

The butterfly Kate fluttered up, and landed neatly on Kobor’s nose; spreading her wings out as she rested there.  She then jumped off his nose, and lightly brushed her wing on his cheek a couple times, before landing on the ground and returning to Kate’s human form.  Kate grinned at Kobor.  “Come on, Kobor.  What are you waiting for….let’s go flag down a nurse and get ourselves checked out!”

Kobor laughed heartily. "I took that the wrong way. I thought you...nevermind." He sat sideways on the bed, his feet dangling below the covers. "How are you so energized?"

Kate was nearly jumping up and down with excited energy.  “I think it’s from being locked up for so long...not to mention being unable to shapeshift for ages!  That’s how I usually expend my energy--it helps me refocus.  And I’m just excited to get out of here!”

The now-Klingon gestured her over. "Can you come over here?"

Grinning from ear to ear, Kate walked to stand in front of Kobor.  “What is it?”

He grabbed her with both arms and pulled her towards him. He held her in the embrace for a moment. He whispered in her ear. "I was so worried about you. It's all I could think about. I wanted to do this in private...this, er, um...embrace." The embrace felt a little off, but thought he just did not feel himself yet.

Kate’s excited energy shifted to a more serious tone as she returned the embrace; holding him tight.  “I was worried for you more than me.  There were a couple times there I didn’t know if you’d make it.  I care about you so much; I’m just glad you made it through--back to your old Klingon self!”  She squeezed him tight for a few more moments and then let him go.  Looking straight into his brown Klingon eyes.  “You are my best friend.  I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

Kobor was not sure if he had ever heard of anyone calling him their best friend. It took him by surprise, but he merely nodded at her. "Thank you. Academy, to say nothing of our medical issue, would be immensely more difficult without you around." He smiled at her. "I certainly feel Klingon. How about you?"

Katelyn chuckled.  “I definitely feel nothing like a Klingon! Which feels fantastic. I think I’ve had enough Klingon in the past couple of months to last me a lifetime.”  She winked at him, and then turned toward the exit.  “Now, let’s get out of here!”  

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