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"Trust With Your Meal" JPL

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by Cadet Soan th'Hanera & Cadet Flower Sheme
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Login "Trust With Your Meal"
by Cadets Sheme & th'Hanera

(NOTE" This takes place immediately following Facing Level 2 by Cadet Sheme and before the sim of 201610.01)

It was only pure luck and extremely fast reactions that prevented Cadet Soan th'Hanera from losing one of his antennae.He had come looking for Cadet Flower Sheme.  The computer indicated she was in holo-training classroom 12.  It just did not indicate what she was doing as training.
    The first thing Soan saw was the phaser in her hand, pointed in his direction and the tip was aglow, meaning she had just pulled the trigger.  Soan dove to his left as the beam passed mere inches from his antenna and struck the flying target, the Catonian had been aiming for.  He watched from one knee to be certain Sheme realized he was now here, then slowly returned to his feet.  He reached a hand up, checking his antennae after dodging the blast.
    Flower had passed the final phase of level two. She looked over to Soan. "how long have you been standing there?"
    The Andorian  fingered his left antenna.  "Just... got here," he told her.
    Flower looked at the teacher. "Can we turn off the lasers?"
    The instructor nodded. "We can pick this up tomorrow," he said, entering the command on his PADD to cease the simulation. "Good work, today."
    Flower grabbed a towel to wipe her paws on. She looked to Soan, her tail looping to show her pleasure. "I finally passed level two!"
    "Congratulations," th'Hanera said.
    "How was your class?" Sheme asked.
    "It was actually very interesting," th'Hanera said with a slight bit of enthusiasm.
    "Give me a moment to freshen up," Sheme said, starting toward the shower room. "You can tell me about it." Soan nodded and watched her walk off.  She
entered the locker room to clean up. Soon Flower emerged wearing a fresh clean uniform, her tail swishing gently. "Know the one spot that always was hard to get past?" she asked without preamble.
    Soan nodded.
    "The water hazard," Sheme clarified. "I would always over compensate and land in the water each time."
    Soan nodded. "I fell once."
    "When?" Sheme asked. She fell in step beside her friend as they walked out of the security class building.
    "The first time I attempted Leverl 2," th'Hanera told her. "Last year."
    "What part of level two is what I was asking," Sheme said.
    "You really need to pay attention to detail more, Flower," th'Hanera complained. His antennae move back in annoyance: "What part were you talking about?"
    :The water hazard."
    "Exactly," th'Hanera said.
    "Let me guess," Sheme ventured. "You also overcompensated?"
    "Nope. Unxerstimated the distance."
    "I thought I remember you went after me one time," Sheme said.
    Soan shrugged. "Maybe."
    Flower smiled encouragingly to the other cadets who were entering the security building. As they made the turn toward the mess hall, she said, "So tellme about your class. How it went."
    "I already told it went great," th'Hanera stated.
    "I thought you were going to go into details," Sheme came back with.
    Soan gave an ever-so-slight sigh of exasperation. Didn't she know him by now?  Still he figured he wasn't going to get out of going into more detail.  "Well, we were given different helm consoles to work from different class ships.  You would think they are all the same, but they aren't."
    Sheme nodded and used her paw to signal, "go on."
    "So, I essentially flew ten different starships this afternoon," th'Hanera continued.  "I have to admit the Defiant-class was the best."
    "That's amazing," Sheme said. "I bet you had fun."
    Th'Hanera nodded as they approached the mess hall. "Yeah, I did.  I'm really kind of glad Captain Janseen kept putting me at helm during the summer cruise."
    "Thinking of making that your minor?" Sheme asked.
    "I already have," th'Hanera said.
    The Catonian grinned. "Awesome. I haven't found anything that I enjoy as much as I do security."
    Soan nodded and stepped to the entrance of the mess hall. The main doors slide open automatically.  "I guess, by now, you won't either."
    "I guess not," Sheme admitted,  "but you never know what happens."
    "True," th'Hanera conceded.  "Professor Flitesnut said that the only reason he accepted me into the course now is because of my experience over the summer.  He said if I really had wanted it, I should have started in my first year." He shrugged as they entered the dining hall and tried to decide what he wanted to eat.
    Sheme nodded her understanding and follows him: "well, I am no doctor, so medical is not an option."
    Soan decided on a plate of kintara stew. As he loaded his plate he said, "Maybe you should take up botany."
    "Why?" Sheme asked.  She decided to try some chicken.
    Soan grabbed a glass of water and turned toward the table.  Sheme followed suit, also getting a glass of water. Sitting at the table, his antennae swayed back and forth as he dug into his meal.
    "Why botany?" Sheme asked again as she sat down to eat.
    Soan shrugged as he finished his first mouthful and prepared to take another of the stew. "It's the only thing I could think of." He really hadn't been serious.
    Flower savored her chicken. "I never pegged you as an 'only thing I could think of' cadet,"
    Soan chuckled and shook his head: "Guess there's still things you don't know about me."
    "And you dont know everything about me eithe," Sheme countered. Soan simply smirked and took a drink. Sheme lapped ather water.  "So just to let you know, I haven't betrayed you by telling your secret."
    "And yet," th'Hanera almost hissed, his antennae tilt back in annoyance, "If you keep saying it someone will eventually hear you say that and then wonder what my secret is."
    Sheme nodded and quieted down. She glanced to either side of her to see if anyone had overheard the conversation, then took another bite of chicken.
    "And, just for the record," th'Hanera added, but his voice no longer contained an annoyed tone., "I never doubted you."
    "Even if they asked," Sheme said, almost pleading for forgiveness, "I wouldn't tell. Catonians are bond by pawmises." She offered a smile as she finished her water.  Soan offered her a smile and the two finished their meal with some more small talk.

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