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  Lieutenant Commander Lucia Rinaldi, SD
JL- Do We Need an Intervention? Part III

Starfleet Academy


Lt Cmdr Rinaldi

Cadet 2nd class Barak Teven Rel

JL- Do We Need an Intervention? Part III

Rel left the infirmary and walked back to his quarters as per the counselors directions…€… Eight hours later he staggered to the comm to check if she was in before walking to her office. Tapping the padd he asked, “What is the location of the counselor?”

The computer responded that she was in her office, he straightened his close and ran his fingers through his hair then proceeded to her office

Lucia checked her chrono. She hoped that Rel had taken her advice a was just running late. She was tempted to call him.however she opted to read his entire personal file while she waited. She could feel his presence near and realized he was most likely just outside her door so she was not startled by the buzzer when it sounded. “Enter she announced loud enough for Rel to here. The door slid open.

Rel entered and presented himself. “Eight hours as ordered. Sorry for the delay. I got sick returning to my quarters and had go to sick call.”

Ah I should have warned you that abruptly stopping the combination of meds you were on and starting a new appropriate medication could cause nausea until you body adapted.”

“It went without saying.” the Vulcanoid retorted in bass tenor. “I was well aware that I could go through a systematic withdraw.” He looked troubled, there was just something in his body language that the counselor knew so well.

The counselor opened her minds defenses and hoped to pick up something from the now guarded mind controlled by the Vulcan.

“How are you feeling, now.” She asked.

The treble of the trill host replied. Barak has tried to shield his mind again. I've noted he does this when embarrassed or there is some perceived blemish to his Vulcan honor.” The symbiot's voice chimed in, “If you are worried about the autonomics we are not at one hundred percent but I have been able to compensate enough for him to function within a safety limit. I wouldn't suggest climbing mountains or swimming the bay but we can cope.”

“I am pretty sure swimming in the bay isn't recommended under normal circumstances.” she chuckled softly. “What you are describing, is a good start. It shows what proper diet, rest, and medication can do for you.

”But medication, the rich bass returned, “in the first place was one of the factors that played into all the other factors that caused me to react as strongly to Soan and his command decisions as I did. We need to get …€Â˜clean'.”

“Yes, the wrong medication.”

Rel raised an eyebrow. “I went on computer analysis and recommendation.”

“Which is why computers are not practicing medicine.”

Rel scoffed, “Tell that to the  Voyager EMH.”

“I am not going to argue with you about that right now, but I do need your word that you will never try to medicate yourself again without proper authorization first.”  She paused. “I mean it Rel, this is not negotiable. You need to understand that in Starfleet you are a part of a greater whole and I need your word that if I am not available, you'll seek proper professional help.  That's where we start if you want to get back on duty. We'll revisit this topic more in the future and I'm also going to insist that you speak, civilly, with Cadet th'Hanera about the incident. I am not telling you to apologize, but to have a cadet to cadet chat and come to a point where you can disagree but work together anyway.  You are both aspiring to a career as officers and you need to be able to put personal differences aside and respect each other. If you need me there to mediate, I will be.”

The bass dropped out of Rel's voice again. The tenor tones of the host Teven, replied. “You know how stubborn a Vulcan can be.  We will make our amends with Soan in due course. We give our word on the medication conditionally, that there is another medical officer we can go to. There are certain situations when doing so will be impossible such as survival situations or capture.  But we will do our best to keep ourselves well as per the code of military conduct, under Regulation…€….”

“You don't need to quote me regulations, and I won't stipulate you risk life and limb if there is no medical officer available but when you are at the Academy and participating in Academy activities, you need to excuse yourself if you feel you need to see a professional either for your physical or mental health.”

“Yes, I understand.”

She gently reached into his mind.  ~~Years ago, I lost a childhood friend in a tragedy., I was devastated. Sometimes, I still have nightmares about him, but I can only imagine how much more painful losing a spouse and a child would be.  There is no shame in grieving Barak, loss is a part of life and each of us copes in their time and their own way. I am here for you. As I am here for Teven and Rel.~~


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