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SFA Cadet Brief 201902.09


Cadet Briefing for 201902.09


Captain's Log, Stardate 201902.09:

The simulation team has discovered the Cadet Brax'z bio-sings are out of phase with what they should be.  They now have to find a way touse this information to their benefit. I have looked at a preliminary report from Dr. T'Kara concerning Cadet Kobor. It seems his transformation to his current physical state has left him…… allergic(?) to holographic simulations. If this condition cannot be treated, I am not sure where that will leave the cadet as far as a Starfleet career goes. There are always starbases or agricultural ships he could be placed on, where the holo-decks are only used for recreation.




The cadets involced in the simulation, last week, will continue with it this week. Cadet Rel remains officially “sidelined” until he gets a clean bill-of-health from Counselor Rinaldi or a counselor from Starfleet Medical. Cadet Sheme still remains in charge of the simulation team. Cadet Kobor will be attending regular classes during his initial treatment of his holographic ailment.


The line up:Fourth-year cadets (Seniors): Cadets Sheme, th'Hanera, Brax, Nogura

Third year cadets:: McCaffrey, Rel

Second year cadets: Kobor, Brott, Davis, LaFleur

First Year: Cadet Omaii





Expected Absence: Counselor Rinaldi, Cadet LaFleur



Captain Rhea Janseen Commandant










































































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