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  Cmdr Oll Fen'Ton, SD
USF Thanksgiving week

USF Academy
SD 201811.24
Cadet 2nd Class Barak Teven Rel
DL - Wreckage and troops.

Rel was sat the engineers station on the bridge monitoring the AT suit pressures when the romulan scout decloaked. With the shields up it would be difficult to beam the crew back up if thing went south quickly.
At the captain's order he had the transporter send down some shield emitters to protect the find. With Personal in a breached suit he decided to use the cargo transporter to do a site to site delivery of a shuttle to a calcite deposit ½ mile north of the “artifact” to serve as a temporary shelter with a shield for the crew as the romulans marched on their location.
The captains diplomacy with the romulans seemed to be near an end as the scout had beamed a landing party to the surface of what was a federation world… Was this an outright act of war. What made this romlan craft so valuable the captain of the romulan scout vessel to risk war with the federation?    

USF Academy
SD 201811.21
Cadet 3rd Class Ricky Edward McCoy
PL - The Shine is Ready for New Year’s Day

“Hay Eddie. Hows dat school Treatin’ Ya” McCoy’s elder brother asked him as he stepped on the platform not far from the family’s old four wheeler. “Come On Kid, Gotta surprise waitin’ ya up on the rabbit trail.”
McCoy slung his satchel over his back and hopped on the atv with his sibling. Cliff was actually a half brother but in his mixed up heritage he was also his first cousin twice removed. McCoy wondered what was so Important to Cliff that getting to the homestead and Pa was the last thing on his mind.
The ATV wondered up into the woods. Edward knew the area well. They were about a half mile from home when Cliff stopped. About 15 meters to the west of the spot the two men could see a still in the woods.
Edward was surprised the authorities had not shut down the operation being this close to an active trail. “We got us a brew going… producing 15 gallons a day... And Pa paid off the Man. We will profit 5 dollars per bottle after the first 150 are sold.” Cliff said grinning ear to ear.
“I already got a few bottles set aside for you.” he continued. “Maybe that Professor Frogg you are having problems with is a drinker… If not you got the juice for New Year’s to be a hopping.”    

USF Academy
SD 201811.27
Cadet 4th Class NIN
PL- Something in the air.

NIN arrived back in class after the thanksgiving break. There was a vibe she hadn’t expected from her fellow cadets, a sense of anticipation of things to come. She knew of the holidays around the winter solstice but didn’t expect anything to really come of the day… well nothing more than a day out of class and eating like thanksgiving.    

USF Academy
SD 201811.28
Professor Pierre Lumierrie Frogg

There wasnt much to do back at the adcademy with the cadets on an away mission. Each day he would look for updates on his favorite cadets but back here on earth all he could do is waite for the cadets ro return.    
He lomged to be back in the action but the last time he took an unscheduled trip he had gotten in trouble with the dean. He didnt want that to happen again.
Arriving at his quarters he decided to call the dean and see if he could take the southerland out to provive a war game senerio for the crew on their returm. The goal was to make sure they knew how to deal with a renagade who steals a ship like Kan or even Kirk.
If he could talk her into it he would get sevreal of the other professors to fill out his bridge and command posts. With that team they sould be able to give these cadets a run for their money.    



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