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  Cmdr Oll Fen'Ton, SD
Stonewall Delemia

USF Academy
SD 201811.21
Charlie “Stonewall” Hatfield

Alone on earth again, Charlie was in the mood to talk to a few old friends in the Academy. He wanted to apologize for being a royal butt hole when he was a cadet a year and a half ago.
The recent months on Utopia Planitia and the undercover stuff he hoped was behind him but in his time on the station he experienced something he never thought he would. Acceptance.    
That pip on his collar was accepted by the station crew and being able to talk of some of the professors at the Academy had allowed him to pass as a graduate, thus they looked past his shortcomings and focused on helping him complete tasks he had not trained to do at the academy… all he had to do is say “I am a little rusty on that procedure.    
Every day on the station was exciting. He was learning a lot of skills on the fly. Some were obvious to the crew the others like how to eavesdrop on conversations without letting on you were doing so a bit less obvious.



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