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  Lieutenant Commander Lucia Rinaldi, Cadet Barak Rel, Lieutenant Commander Lucia Rinaldi, SD
JDL: Nin Swims In

Starfleet Academy 201809.03    
Barek Teven Rel, Cadet 2nd Class
Edward McCoy, Cadet 3rd Class
Ronald LaFleur, Cadet 3rd Class
Nin, Cadet Recruit

JDL: Nin Swims In

Ricky and Rel were inspecting the quarters arranged by the quartermaster for the students of special needs. “So what furniture do they need asked Rel. He had missed the trip to the Niamiamic homeworld because he had been fighting the symptoms of the Ponn-Far on the Vulcan homeworld.

Ricky looked at the furnishings that were bolted down. “Most of this is adequate. I would however add extra filtration and a secondary oxygen supply for any visitors or Nin will have a very lonely time here at the academy.” he noted. “Ron was assigned to be her escort till the term begins. Note how the breezeway has been converted to an airlock with a drysuit closet and one for her wetsuit.
When they enter we will have to suit up so Nin can get out of hers.”

The two cadets exited the cadets quarters and indicated to the quartermaster that the inner door was secure. The unit could be primed for her arrival. The inner door had a transparent aluminum observation port that could be electromagnetically frosted for privacy this way her guests could communicate with her in their normal environment if they choose to do so.

Ronald LaFleur had been wondering how best to act as a liaison and mentor to the first year Niamiamic student. He knew she had been given a temporary accommodations while Rel specially prepared her quarters but was sorta avoiding getting started with his duties. He wasn’t sure how to make a member of an aquatic species feel at home on a world with an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere.

He caught Rel and Ricky as they stepped into the corridor and caught the conversation with the quartermaster.    So much for an excuse to extend the delay….they worked faster than I expected. He thought.

.”Hey guys, so Nin’s quarters are good to go then?” He asked even though he knew the answer.

“It will take about 15 minutes till they get the pH set to her homewold’s norm, then they have to check the salinity factors and adjust the ambient temperature and lighting settings… we have about 20 minutes to kill.” Ricky responded.

Rel looked at Ron. “Tell the transporter chief we be read in less than a half an hour.”

“Ricky, You and Ron should be over at the transporter.” he suggested..        

“Hey, I’m her liaison, shouldn’t I be there, inside? Is there a water suit like the ones we used on Niamia inside for me?” He countered and inquired.
“Standard wetsuits for us here. We have five for her species, in case she has visitors from home.” Rel responded.

Ricky started off toward the transporter room knowing she would be thankful to see a familiar face. Nin had shown him around her world now it only seemed right that she would be escorted by himself here at the Academy. She still had to pass the entrance exams but he had a good feeling about Nin’s abilities.

Nin arrived on the platform a few minutes later. “Ah, Ricky. Nice to see you again.”

“You too, Nin.” he replied. “Let me show you to your specially adapted quarters. There you will met your liaison assigned to you during your test period. I am sure cadet LaFleur will meet us there to walk you through the environmental systems and other functions of the unit.

The duo crossed the academy parade grounds. Nin’s suit slowed her progress a bit but she made the best of the situation. Standard gravity tugged on her body which caused the suit to feel heavy around her. Most of her trip to the Academy had been in her cabin which had been modified to slowly increase the G’s in her natural environment to earth standard.

“Well here it is.” Ricky offered as several other cadets had come to welcome the new cadet. Rel offered Nin a word of encouragement knowing her testing started in the afternoon.    

Ron LaFleur was inside waiting. In one of the suits designed for humans. He figured if it were him in this situation, he’d want whomever it was giving him the 50 cent tour to be in his environment. Even though he trusted Rel and McCoy, he had personally inspected Nin’s new quarters and made sure that all of the necessary specs were met. Ron had even memorized a cordial greeting in the Niamiamic language. Even so, he was still nervous. Who am I to be escorting this girl around campus? Just a few months ago, I was new myself and even more recently I couldn’t have cared less about my studies.

He floated around inside while he waited and did a couple of rolls while he was waiting.

Outside, Nin opened the outer door to her quarters. Along one wall were a set of folding seats that were in their stowed position. The other wall had the lockers which she inspected. She then approached the inner door. Through its Transparent aluminum viewing port she clearly saw Ron floating. She pressed the buzzer by the door. “How about letting me in?” she asked.

Nin could see Ron’s grin through his faceplate as he dove toward the door and did a rather showy pirouette then poinbted toward the control panel. “Red floods the outer chamber, green drys it back out. You can also just tell the computer which one you want. There’s a panel inside too. You can create a dry spot for landlubber visitors like me or you can flood it and put your own suit on to leave and drain the chamber. Oh yeah, it works in reverse for us so that we can come in to visit. We would put our wetsuit on, then fill the chamber with water so that we can enter the inner door without letting your environment out.”

Nin spoke to computer, flooded the chamber and was able to enter her room for the first time. She floated freely, her tentacles and hair streamed behind her in the water.

Ron smiled… “Pretty close to zero G right? This has to feel like home.”

Nin pulled her knees up to her chest and rolled in the middle of the aquatic environment, “It’s close, however I like a little more pressure when I sleep about 30 meters down.”

“If we got something wrong, or if you want to make it colder or warmer or saltier or set a current….just tell the computer what you need.    I kinda like it inside here.” He smiled and did a double backflip, narrowly missing smacking Nin in the head.
“Question for you? Am I allowed to go for a swim in what did you call it your ocean?” The Niamiamic cadet asked.

“Uhm...we’ll have to get you permission. Technically the campus ends where the water begins. But they may make an exception since you come from an oceanic world. There are some.aggressive aquatic critters in these waters. but until you can learn more about them, if you’d like to swim with us, we have both a freshwater and a sea water pool on campus. If we can get you permission, I could take out an aqua-shuttle to stand guard.”

“Oh what a sweet guy.” Nin said in a sing-song voice. “But I am a big girl you know. If the Commandant says I have to have a guard, I'll consider taking you up on that offer.”


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