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SFA Cadet Brief 201807.07


Cader Briefing for 201807.07


Captain's Log, Stardate 201807.07:

I have gone through many of the cadet reports from their exploration of the biodome.  I was pleased to see they got much out of the visit.  We are almost to Starbase Everest, and I believe they will get just as much from our visit there as well.  This is one of Starfleet's pride and joys.  After the holo-simulation the cadets had to endure during the academic year, where they had to deal with a space station on its last legs, they can see what a well run starbase is supposed to look like.  I am also told that there will be a Catonian Joining ceremony during the time we will be spending on Everest.  I would imagine they will be broadcasting the ceremony over the station's in-house networks so everyone will get an chance to witness this.




Starbase Everest is a Clemens-class space station. It is one of Starfleet's largest. There are two separate docking areas, one strictly for Starfleet vessels, and a second state-of-the-art docking area for commercial and other traffic. It has three promenade levels. It also had a fully staffed, multi-level hospital.  There is a park level, which has actual soil and vegetation, and a holographic projection ceiling which shows the time of day as if one were planet-side.  At night, the ceiling depicts the vary star-scape that you would see were you able to look outside of Everest.  On this level, as well, are different areas for different recreational activities (i.e. sport activities, and even hang gliding area.)


Cadet will maintain their quarters aboard Sutherland. Cadets will also spend time in your areas of specialty (I.e. Security, medical, engineering, etc.) and interact with starbase personnel. Initially, groups of cadets will be given a tour of key areas before they would report to any area of specialty.


As we pull into Everest, the cadet assignments will be as follows: Cadet th'Hanera …“ helm, Cadet McCaffrey …“ tactical, Cadet Sheme …“ Security patrol, Cadet Nogura …“ OPS, Cadet Brott- OPS backup, Cadet Kobor …“ science, Cadet Brax …“ medical, Cadet LaFleur …“ engineering, Cadet Davis …“ engineering, Cadet Rel …“ engineering (bridge console). Professor Trumbull and Frogg …“ observing with privileges. Ensign NightWind …“ CMO. Commander Rinaldi …“ XO.



Expected Absence: None



Captain Rhea Janseen Commandant














































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