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  Lieutenant Commander Lucia Rinaldi & Cadet Shandari, SD
Not the Expected Conversation JDL Counselor Rinaldi and Cadet Shandari
Not the Expected Conversation
JDL Counselor Rinaldi and Cadet Shandari

All she could do was sit on the edge of the bed and wait all by herself.  They had separated her and Cadet Hatfield  after that Andorian creep had interrupted the "outing" to Hawk Hill had them beamed back to Starfleet Academy.   It looked for a minute that the guys we4r going to get into a real fight.  Both of them were cantankerous by nature and those tempers had gone to Red Alert.  She tried to convince them not to tear each other apart but her words and actions only seemed to make it worse and in the end, her ankle hurting had been the only thing that prevented more trouble,

A dour Vulcan med-tech had given her ankle both visual and scanner examinations but found nothing. Since she was still complaining of pain despite not showing signs of had trauma, she was waiting to see a doctor. 

And waiting.

And waiting some more.

Bored,Shandari tried to get more comfortable and stretched out on the biobed.  She closed her eyes and the entire fiasco at Hawk Hill played in her head.  I really don't need the kind of attention this mess is going to get me.  Thought Shandari, I've been really stupid, I should have kept a lower profile.  But I had to go off the rails. Why did I do that?  Am I trying to blow this?   She sighed aloud.

"That sounds like you're frustrated about something."  A soft woman's voice broke into her thoughts.  She had been so wound up in them that she hadn't noticed Counselor Rinaldi come in.

Shandari sat up and faced outward.  This was one person she really didn't want to deal with.  "Hello." She said neutrally making eye contact.  "I was waiting for the doctor."

Rinaldi slid a stool over and sat across from the girl.  "And yet you have me. I wish we could have spoken for the first time under better circumstances."   The counselor said sadly.

Shandari abruptly burst into tears.  Rinaldi's empathic sense could tell that the girl was in distress but not much more. 

"It's okay." She comforted.  "You can straighten this all out if you tell me what's been going on with you. Help me to understand why you seem so...unhappy.

"I, I, don't really know why we ran off like that or why Charlie and Cadet th^Hanera were acting like that."  Shandari sniffled.

Patiently Rinaldi tried again.  "I'm not here to grill you about that Shandari, since you were determined not to come to me, I decided to come to you."

The tears dried up. Shandari looked annoyed and a bit of the attitude she had been displaying returned.  "Oh great, I'm a captive audience, so you're taking advantage of me."

Rinaldo smiled.  "I'd prefer to say that we are both making the best of a bad situation."

Shandari snorted.

"I don't want to make this any more unpleasant than it has to be Shandari.  I can be your ally, not your enemy, but you have to trust me enough to explain what's going on."

The Tesshuan gave Rinaldi a skeptical look and stayed silent.

"Okay, I can tell you don't trust me and that you don't want me here. But this evaluation isn't optional, even I had to endure a few before coming here."

Rinaldi noticed a slight trembling of Shandari's lower lip and her shoulders slumped.

"I don't want to here."  Shandari whispered.

Rinaldi nodded.  "I understand, psych evals are uncomfortable but like I said, it's....."

Shandari interrupted.  "NO! You don't understand!  I don't want to HERE!  I never wanted to come to Starfleet Academy!  I wanted to be a chef and not be in Starfleet!"  The cadet blurted out.   "But,"  She choked up.  "I changed my mind ....I don't want to leave....but it's probably too late, I've made a mess of EVERYTHING!

The girl sobbed loudly and doubled over in tears.

Rinaldi put a hand on Shandari's shoulders.  "Messes can be cleaned up.  Give me the chance and I can help you can make things right."


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