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  Lieutenant Commander Lucia Rinaldi & Cadet Barak Rel, SD
First Joining - JDL: Counselor Lucia Rinaldi and Cadet Barak Teven Rel

First Joining

JDL: Counselor Lucia Rinaldi and Cadet Barak Teven Rel

“My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts.” the Vulcanoid found no resistance to the joining.

Barak was conducting the mind meld for the first time since joining with Teven Rel. As their minds drew closer to the counselor's the Vulcan grew aware of that much older voice in his head, Rel. It appeared the symbiote had planned that its voice be the first heard.

He “heard” the counselor gasp telepathically as the symbiote began to speak but she quickly regained her composure as he went on.

As the blackness of the initial link faded the ancient voice could be understood. “Relax child.” the smell of sulfer and a warm wet feel would envelop both souls. There is a relaxed calm and a sense of being in the company of companions and lovers. “This is how I remember life on Trill before my first host, A time when all that was on my mind was procreation. Rel's voice was a rich base with a soothing softness at the same time.

At first Lucia thought Rel had been addressing her when he had said to relax and it became clear he was speaking to both her and the Barak/Teven host. She tried to clear her mind to focus on his narrative, but doing so was beyond her mental capabilities so she just let herself float wordlessly, a small blip inside Teven's consciousness.

Rel rememberd being taken from the family pool and a quick series of tests performed to determine the best match for the first host. ~There was no sense of time in that existence but the commission judged my age at the time of my first joining to be between one and two hundred years old.~ he imparted.

The speaker in her mind changed in pitch Teven spoke for the hosts. ~I remember the first joining, There was a cautious period in the first two days Where the commission and I were unsure if Rel would openly communicate or not. I knew Rel was observing his new host.~

That host, Sueiv, had a very difficult time convincing the symbiote that if they came together as a whole both would profit in the shared experience.

Rel”s wisened bass returned to the conversation. ~I was skeptical until I learned that I could be used as a repository of the shared experiences offered by each of the beings I'd be joined with.~

In the real world, Lucia's ear was trained to effortlessly pick up minute variances in things such as in speech patterns, body language and vocal pitch and tone. It was an invaluable and indispensable skill to possess as a Starfleet Counselor.  In the midst of the mind-meld, it was very different and much more difficult for her to get a feel for “who” was speaking.  She listened carefully, trying to tune in to the clues which could signify a change in the person in charge of the conversation.

The Vulcan voice, that montone bass most off worlders associated with their species returned to her head. ~ I hope by letting the Trill tell of its various hosts, you will come to understand how the blended mind works. Though sharing it with my Vulcan mind, I can not say I enjoy the emotional baggage each has left behind. ~

Teven's voice again took control of communicating in the meld. ~Sueiv would go on in her career never leaving Trill exploring the vast oceans for other repositories of the symbiote, among her many oceanic quests. She was the first Joined Trill to explore the deepest points of the western ocean, despite a fear of drowning and worrying that her symbiote would be lost at sea. They were together for 75 years.~

The counselor in her sensed an opening to speak.

~~Wow, seventy-five years!~~ Lucia projected, trying to sound cheerful and light-hearted. ~~That seems like a long time, but when it comes to Trill and Vulcans, I guess it must be common.  I'm curious to know, how did she find a way around her fear of drowning?”~~

~She never really did. She just took extra precautions to avoid that outcome in her life and its work. You could say she worked around the problem as most spacefarers have to about being lost in the line of their work.~ the Trill symbiote replied.

Teven's voice again spoke up, ~What was that 20th century Earth expression? You have nothing to fear but fear itself. It was kind of like living by that philosophy.~

The Vulcan mind again focused on the mind of the recipient of the meld. The subject seemed to be focused and her thoughts coherent. The meld was stable for now.

~For the Trill and host, let your mind drift for a moment. I want you to think of your family.~ the Vulcan offered steering the observation to the counselor to let the Trill rest before going into another life.

Thinking of her family was quite easy, and apparently just as pleasant for Lucia.

In her mind, he could see a tiny girl surrounded by a gaggle of older girls, who were each vying to do something with her.  The level of cacophony was astounding as they argued in a language that was unfamiliar but Lucia sensed that immediately and the children were now chattering in Standard.

The aroma of food cooking wafted across his nostrils -- some kind of seafood in a tomato based sauce and the noises of a busy kitchen came from the next room. Lucia allowed her stream-of-consciousness to continue, mentally inviting him to join the meal around a communal table.  

As it turned out, it was Lucia who was the little one, the other four girls her older sisters. Six adults were present as well.  Her mother, father, grandmother, grandfather and two uncles.  Everything went silent as they made the Sign of the Cross, and in unison said a Blessing over their meal.  Curiously, the prayer stayed untranslated and once they were done, the table burst forth in excited chatter and clatter as plates were passed and heaped high with food.  

Lucia herself sat higher than the rest in a baby-chair and even though she was probably less than two years old a normal sized plate, with the same meal as the others, only cut into small pieces, was placed on her tray.  Grandfather took the first bite, offered his wife praise and the rest of the family, including a dog on the floor under Lucia's chair, dug in.

The Vulcanoid could smell the food, This meal must have held an important part of her life that the memory was so vivid. He did not want to interrupt……

There was a noise in the hallway and Barak imparted ~It is probably wise to break the link here…… I hope you better understand how the three are in union and yet separate. We can continue another time if you wish.~

He felt a twinge of sadness as well as a trace of longing from her as the bond began to dissolve.  Far from being disturbed by the closeness of the link or even a sense of having been overwhelmed, instead she projected a blatant hunger for more.  She did not need to formulate a coherent thought for him to be certain that she was willing, even eager to continue.

His fingers fell from her face. He was drenched in sweat. The meld had taken more for him to hold then would a normal Vulcan, especially with the Trill parts talking hindering the full Vulcan transcendency he was used to.

Wordlessly, she rose and returned with Vulcan Spice tea replicated exactly as he preferred to drink it and carefully placed near his hand, but did not touch him. Lucia quietly settled herself into the chair across from him and waited in a comfortable silence for him to regain his inner composure.


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