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  Cadet NightWind to-Sivao & Cadet Barak Rel, SD
Cough, Please

The Vulcanoid thought the routine exam would be over with the blood draw. He looked to Dr. Price and offered, “Do you have any questions for me, sir.” In the background he noted a Vulcan cadet taking care of stowing some medical instruments and just like that she was gone. If she was part of the staff when he was settled he have to get to know her he thought to himself.

Dr Price smiled as he saw where the Cadet’s attention had been pulled away to. “It appears that you are a perfectly normal representative of your species, how are you and the symbiont handling the merger of your personalities?”

“Well that is what the Counselor will want to delve into.” the Trill half quipped and the Vulcan sighed in response to the outburst

“True,” Dr Price replied, “but it also impacts on the health of both of you, and that IS part of my concern. You wouldn’t have to go into as much detail with me as you would her, but I need to know if there is anything that might affect either of you, healthwise.”    

“Price was thorough.” thought the Vulcanoid. “Well it did take the Vulcan mind three months to initially cone to a relative peace and limited control of the situation. That is a fact. As a whole unit we almost lost our mind. If it had not been for my years and mastery of the Kol’inar, I do not think my mind would have been able to deal with the initial event.”

Dr. Price nodded. He had studied on Vulcan in both their Medical and Psychology departments while learning more of their philosophy to try to understand them better. “I see, do you think you might need any assistance if the two of you were to get into a mental fight?” He was trying to cover all bases that might require Medical intervention.

“Logic usually wins over the debate and the Trill symbiont usually relates to it through past life experiences. Teven, on the other hand, is a bull headed host. He has been a thorn in Rel’s side since they were joined.” Barak stated in his calm Vulcan baritone.    

Dr. Price smiled, ”Calling Teven bull headed, isn’t that an insult to the bull?”

He continued, “If I were to get into a fight, it would be with him. There is really only one thing that will snap him out of it. A Superior Officer reading him a Starfleet riot act. He was, after all, a Starfleet crewman when the accident occurred. He lives and breathes it and regulations. He is always trying to mold me into a being who is more Trill, less Vulcan.”

“I fear if I lose control, the Trill mind would be unable to cope with the stress of the thing he wishes to pursue the most, Command.”

Dr Price scowled slightly. ”You are as unique in your own way as Ambassador Spock is in his. Apparently, he wants you to be SuperTrill, when it is an impossibility due to your background. If you ever want to talk to me or the counselors, my door and commlink are always open to you, as I imagine theirs would be as well.”

Barak nodded. “May I ask you something, Doctor?”

Dr Price nodded. ”Sure, go ahead, I have nothing to hide.”

“As well as you seem to be understanding the complexities of my being a hybrid that has a Vulcan mind in control of a “Trill heart,” do you feel we have ... “ his voice trailed off and dropped to a whisper “a chance at love again?” This question definitely came from the Trill who worried about the seven year thing when it came to Vulcan Love.

Dr. Price smiled and nodded. ”Everyone has a chance at love as long as the one loved is understanding of the needs and desires of the other. Physical intimacies are but one aspect of love, the joy of the mental joining with the other, sharing their dreams and hopes, can make up for the joining of two bodies when duties or distance separates the two. I’ll even arrange for you to be on Vulcan if Pon Farr happens while you’re at the Academy.”

“I am not sure if my cycles will be regular, sir, for the trill may not procreate as frequently but they do more often than us old Vulcans.” he imparted. “I thank you in advance for understanding.”

“I do my best, Cadet, and if you need to talk during Gamma shift, my cabin is Deck 6, number 2487. Feel free to come by to talk or grab some herbal tea and relax after all the schoolwork.” the Doc told him, truly wanting to be his friend.

“I shall consider your offer.” the cadet replied to his superior officer. “Are there any other concerns you think might need to be voiced about my health or anything.”

“Not that I can think of right now,” the doc told him, Standing and lifting his hand in the Vulcan salute. “Peace and long life to you, my friend.”

The Vulcan stood and returned the traditional gesture, “Live long and prosper, Ensign. You are wise beyond your years.” With that he took a long deep breath, turned on his heel, military style and headed for the door. As if, in an afterthought, he advised “You may wish to talk to the counselor about your mental evaluation. Consider patient confidentiality in this case suspended by the client. Who knows? one day you might decide to pursue that career in hopes of advancing your posting.”

“Alright, I’ll do that, Cadet Barak Rel, and thank you, but I’m quite happy here.” Dr Price watched him go before turning to the computer to add everything to the Cadet’s file in the computer.

(Dr Price played by Cadet NightWind)
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