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  Cadet Barak Rel, SD
Hatfiel's Bias

After stowing his personal belongings in his quarters he shaved the beard as requested by the Captain. He trimmed the mustache hoping that doing so it would pass muster with the commandant.

He left the quarters and headed to the mess to get a good meal. The last few days of travel what was presented as food was barely tolerable.and he tried not to think about the Andorran stew he had eaten and within hours was sicker than a dog.

He was at the replicator and ready to order when his roommate walked in. He turned away from the replicator and walked over to the much younger human.

"Hay there, Cadet. Carson Hatfield wasn't it?" he asked.

"Just call me Carson, Drop the Cadet stuff." the younger man replied. "You grabbing some grub?"

Rel, the symbiot, couldn't resist, "No I came down to feed the pets... Here's your sign."    

Carson got the joke and smiled. "Haven't heard a here's your sign joke in a while. I walked right into that one." the human remarked as he moved to the replicator. "Ham,egg,and grits, wheat toast, hot coffee." he ordered.
soon his meal appeared and he moved to a nearby table.

Tilik moved to the replicator, "Oatmeal with honey and brown sugar, eggs sunny-side up, and beef bacon." again the unit produced the meal and Tilik moved to the table with his crew mate.

Carson looked up and gesture for the vulcanoid to sit down. "I don't know if I am going to graduate on time," Carson started "What's your field of study." He asked the newcomer." pointing a fork at Tilik."

"I am majoring in psychology," answered the Vulcanoid "but my minor is security."    

Carson shrivled, "Damn, I had to draw the room with a ****ing shrink." He looked at the Vulcanoid, "what makes you think you will be able to tell me what's wrong with my head. Those spots are not seen on a true vulcan who can depend on logic to come up with their diagnosis."

"You just answered your own question," the vulcan said letting the Trill half speak, "I am not full vulcan, I am mixed with Trill and as so I have to control emotions felt by previous hosts and the current one. I have come to a deeper awareness of them with the vulcan half and can draw on the life experiences of 11 previous hosts to help me emphasize with the client. It will come in handy."

Carson finished his plate while the vulcanoid spoke. "Well I'm going to need some of that vulcan logic too if you are going to help me get through the rest of my classes." he glared at the vulcan. "No mind melds, I am alread messed up enough up there."    
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