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  Captain Rhea Janseen & Cadet Barak Rel, SD
"Barak Rel's Return" JDL


“Barak Rel's Return”

JDL: Captain Janseen & Cadet Rel


    Captain Rhea Janseen looked down at her console, then repeated her question over the inter-comm, "Cadet, would you please repeat your request."


    “Sorry, Ma'am,” Cadet Barak Rel replied into the companel aboard Starbase 132. “ it is a little technical. With transporters, I need a very clean signal so please  cycle the pattern buffer and narrow the iso beam.” Barak was growing impatient to get aboard the ship. The conditions of the starbase left him longing to be anywhere but here. He was sure he would get a dress down concerning the comment about taking a shuttle over, but his safety was at stake. "can you get a lock on my position?"

    It took a moment for the response to come back. Rel surmised that the captain was checking with the OPS officer. "Yes, Cadet. We have a lock on you now.  Stand by for transport and then report to my ready room once you are aboard.   Sutherland out."

    Cadet Barak Rel exhaled as he felt the first tingling sensation associated with Transport. He was personally terrified each time he had to step into, on or off these dang things. He closed his eyes as the fear nearly overwhelmed the Trill host who believed that one day a bad transport would be the death of all three who embodied this entity.

    As the hum picked up its intensity the disassociating effects of the transport were felt... that so called out of body moment. The Vulcan knew that these effects were only momentary, but since his joining with the Trill and the Rel symbiont, he had to worry about any synaptic pathway interference.

    The hum faded and the free floating feeling dissipated. Barak opened his eyes on the Transporter pad. Looking to the technician he nodded his thanks and stepped off. He made his way to the nearest turbo car and entered it. “Bridge,” he ordered.

    The turbo-lift whisked him to Deck 1 and the doors parted. The crew present turned to see a 40-ish male with Trill spots and Vulcan ears emerge from the lift. His hair was long and light brown. He had a moustache and a full beard. He was a little chubby around the mid-section, but he carried the weight well. Barak quickly crossed the deck to the captain's office. He rang the chime and waited for clearance to enter.

    Sitting behind her desk, Captain Janseen called out, "Enter."  The doors to the captain's ready room slid open.

    Barak smiled broadly as he entered the room. Last time he saw the commandant, she had been the academy provost.  The commandant at the time, Captain Rose Severine, was hospitalized after being temporarily blinded by an explosion that was an apparent assassination attempt on the Federation President on a visit to the academy's Cultural Center. Barak had been serving as security and a first year cadet at that.

    Raising a hand in the Vulcan salute, REl said in greeting, “Peace and long life, Captain.”

    Captain Janseen returned the salute. "Live long and prosper, Cadet Rel, and welcome back. It is good to see you again"

    “As too with you,” the cadet replied. “My affairs have nearly ruined my last family ties on both worlds. The legality of being declared dead twice i would assume.”

    Captain Janseen gave a simple nod and said.  "Now you will officially be starting your second year as a cadet.  Will your major be security?"

    “My major, Captain,” REl explained, "was undetermined throughout the first year. Dealing with the multiple personalities of the symbiont and the Trill host as a Vulcan, i belive my experiences of recent would lend itself to the counseling post. However if you still desire me to take security I could make it a double major.”

    "It is not what I desire, Cadet," Janseen pointed out, "but what you desire.  If counseling is where you are strongest, then a counseling major it will be."

    Barak stroked his thick beard in contemplation. “Hmmm. That is reasonable, but as a freshman you saw something in me that you offered me that secirity detail at the entrance to the Hall. I would not want to waste the surveillance and first-aid credits needed for that assignment... I wish to major in counseling with a minor in security.”

    "That is fine," the academy commandant told him. She thought about standing and extending her hand, but remembered Vulcans were touch telepaths and decided against the hand shake.  "Again, welcome back.  Go to the quartermaster for quarters, get your gear stowed and then report to Lt. Commander Rinaldi. You can let her know we spoke."

    “Rodger-wilco, Captain,” the Vulcanoid replied. “Are there any further orders?” He asked half guessing he would have to shave the beard off.

    "Yes, Cadet," Janseen said. "Lose the beard. Dismissed."

    The vulcan had to laugh. “DARN! It was growing on me.” He snickered in a loving and kind manner.  He was obviously trying to get. His old mentor to laugh.

    Janseen watched him leave. As soon as the ready room door closed, leaving her alone again, she shook her head and chuckled. “Growing on him,” she muttered, then prepared for her meeting with the starbase commodore.


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