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STARFLEET ACADEMY Sim Summary: 201708.05
Sim Summary: 201708.05

This weeks' attendees: Cadet Brott, Cadet Kobor, Cadet NightWind, Cadet Nogura Cadet Mellisari, Cadet Brax, Cadet Sheme, Cadet th^Hanera, Capt Janseen, Cmdr Hikai,  Thank you for participating!

During the Sim:

Aboard the alien vessel, the teams make their way to sickbay and it is immediately evident that these aliens are ailing.  Instead of the dark color from which they got their nickname, the sick ones are an ashy grey color.  Tricorder scans finds the aliens are literally decaying.  The Cadets are protected with rebreathers thanks to Brax's caution and it turns out to be a valuable precaution when the Kiandora's geologists -- as well as the aliens are determined to be stricken with a bacterial menace.  The Coalie aliens who aren't sick, watch Nightwind with great interest as she directs a frenetic series of tests and trials in order to determine what kind of pathogen is causing the mayhem (staph) but test after test to knock it out fails and it seems that nothing attempted is going to be successful at destroying it.  Until Nightwind hits on what might be the most basic and simple solution eveh!


Quote of the Week:

"By golly.. I'm beginning to think I can cure a rainy day!"
                                                                     -- McCoy

Respectfully submitted,

Lt. Cmdr Lucia Rinaldi
Academy Counselor

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