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STARFLEET ACADEMY Sim Summary: 201707.29

Sim Summary: 201707.29

In attendance: Cadet Danni Brott, Cadet Kobor, Cadet Mellisari, Cadet M. Brax, Cadet Sheme,
Cadet th^Hanera, Capt Janseen, Cmdr Hikai, Lt Cmdr Rinaldi  Thank you for participating!

During the Sim:

Cadet th^Hanera pilots the shuttle away from the Sutherland toward the Coalie ship. Commander Rinaldi attempts to get details on the "Coalie" aliens from Cmdr Hikai in order to learn how we are supposed to provide medical aid, but he is curiously silent. Rinaldi observes as Cadet Kobor struggles to feel comfortable in his uniform and gets some help adjusting it for the still unfamiliar tail and fur.... Cadet Sheme lets Rinaldi know she brought along some of the flash grenades that she and th^Hanera had improvised on the Kiandora & used to temporarily incapacitate the Coalies.  Even though Rinaldi says they are probably not needed since the mission is different she is suspicious when Hikai doesn't reply.

As the huge Coalie ship looms in front and shuttle from the Kiandora approaches from our rear. Cadet th^Hanera asks Cmdr Hikai if the Coalies know we're on the way. he activates a comm device on his wrists and replies that they do now.  Becoming even more unsure about what Hikai might be up to, Rinaldi orders all stop and shields up.  She and Cadet Sheme ask him what's going on.  He denies any ulterior motives and claims he is just distracted....and that it's hard to communicate verbally with the Coalies, to the point where he can't even give the species a name.

Still wary, Rinaldi considers that Capt. Janseen believed Hikai and notes that the much larger ship has not armed weapons and in fact, has opened a landing bay and orders th^Hanera to land inside.

They are met by a team of Coalies who are armed but non-threatening.  Cmdr Hikai greets the aliens with a gesture that he says lets them know everything is okay and they return the hand motions. The team from Sutherland are lead through the maze-like corridors of the aliens ship toward an unknown location......


Quote of the Week:    
"I'm a doctor not a bricklayer! That thing is practically made out of stone!
You're a healer. There's a patient. That's an order."
                                                                        -- McCoy & Kirk

Respectfully submitted,

Lt. Cmdr Lucia Rinaldi
Academy Counselor
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