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STARFLEET ACADEMY Sim Summary: 201707.22

Sim Summary: 201707.22
In attendance: Cadet Nogura, Cadet Kobor, Cadet Mellisari, Cadet Brax, Cadet NightWind, Cadet Sheme, Cadet Brott, Cadet th^Hanera, Captain Janseen, Cmdr Hikai,  LtCmdr Rinaldi,
Your attendance is always appreciated!
During the Sim:
Back aboard the Sutherland:  Cadet Nightwind is treating and examining Commander Hikai from the Kiandora, who had been beamed into space (inside a capsule) by the "Coalie" aliens.  whaptain Janseen arrives to check on, and to find out what Cmdr Hikai knows about the "Coalies" and the rest of the missing geology team from his ship. He tells Captain Janseen that he and the team learned that the Coalie aliens are terminally ill with little hope of survival without our help. Hikai asks that we immediately respond with a medical team.  The captain agrees to assist.

It had been quiet on the bridge where Lt. Commander Rinaldi was considering the situation and wondering if Commander Hikai was okay.  She request bridge crew members perform scans to make sure they were on alert.  Captain Janseen commed Lt Cmdr Rinaldi and filled her in on the situation with Cmdr Hikai.  She ordered Rinaldi to advise Cadet Mellisari to reconfigure the shuttle for a medical rescue mission, to let Captain Useer of the Kiandora know that his missing people were okay and to select cadets to accompany her to the Coalie ship.  Lt Cmdr Rinaldi was a bit surprised to hear the proposal but carried out her orders.  Captain Useer was similarly skeptical about the plan but quite relieved to know his team was okay.  He agreed to have a med-team waiting to help if needed.

As Cadet Mellisari coordinated the configuration of the shuttle, Lt Commander Rinaldi selected Cadets Kobor, Sheme and th^Hanera to join Cadet Nightwind and Commander Hikai and they left to meet in the shuttlebay.

Captain Janseen returned to the center seat to oversee the remaining preparations and the mission.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

For your consideration:    

“There's an old saying, Fortune favors the bold. Well, I guess we're about to find out.”
                                                                                                               …“ Captain Benjamin Sisko,

Respectfully submitted,

Lt. Cmdr Lucia Rinaldi
Academy Counselor

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