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STARFLEET ACADEMY Sim Summary: 201707.15


Sim Summary: 201707.15


In attendance: Cadet Kobor, Cadet M Brax, Cadet Sheme, Cadet th^Hanera, Cadet Danni, Cadet Mellisari, Cadet Nogura, Cadet NightWind, Captain Rhea Janseen. Thank you for your participation!


During the Sim:

The entire away team is back aboard the Sutherland.  Captain Janseen requests that the Kalendora attach their tractor beam as well to hold the “Coalie” ship fast.  She then requests an open channel to the alien ship and demands they shut down engines and prepare to be boarded.  It only results in the “Coalies” increasing power to their engines in an attempt to break free.  It is then that Cadet Kobor gets a very faint comm signal but they find it still cannot be locked onto through the hull compositionof the alien ship.  The “Coalies” try to beam on to the Sutherland but are thwarted by the shields. They try to beam back aboard the Kalendora, but are thwarted there as well.  They beam a small canister out into space that contains a humanoid life form and the comm-badge signal of the Kalendora's XO. The canister is beamed directly to sick bay and once opened Commander Hikai says to Cadet NightWind, “We need to contact the Kalendora. They're dying.”

Stay tuned for our next episode.  :)


For your consideration:      

"This is not a synthale kind of night."  --Bashir                                                                      



Respectfully submitted,

Captain Rhea Janseen

Academy Commandant


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