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  Cadet Soan th'Hanera & Cadet Flower Sheme, SD
"If You Ever Want A Job" JDL

“If You Ever Want A Job”

JDL: Cadets th'Hanera & Sheme

    Cadet Soan th'hanera left the bridge of the U.S.S. Kalendora with Cadet Flower Sheme right on his heels.  They needed to get a search organized to make certain the missing geologists were not still aboard the science ship.  Th'Hanera headed directly to the ship's security office.
    Arriving in the small security office they had visited earlier, Soan noticed the security chief and her men looking at the mess that had been made and the discarded pieces from their scavenged phasers.
    "Sorry about that," th'Hanera said to the lieutenant.  "Cadet Sheme  and I had to improvise some flash grenades." He held out his stachel and offered it to her.
    The woman looked at th'Hanera unbeliving for a moment.  She then looked into the satchel and then back to the two cadets.  "Flash grenades, eh?  Very inventive."
    "And most effective against the Coalies," th'Hanera told her.
    "The 'Coalies'," the woman repeated.  "Nice name."

    "It was that or big black people who we cant harm with phasers," Flower said, tryig to make a joke.

    The attempt hit its mark as the lieutenant chuckled. "Very good, Cadet." She looked at th'Hanera. "You look like you have something else on your mind."

    "Yes, Ma'am," th'Hanera replied. "We've been ordered to establish and coordinate a search party to ensure the missing geologists are not still aboard the Kalendora."

    "Where should we start?" Sheme asked. "Another thing when we first contacted you, your captain asked who was with my partner. we didn't respond as we were scared it would tip off the Coalies." Flower turned to help pick up the pieces.
    The lieutenant nodded to th'Hanera, then said to Sheme, "Well, since you two have been given the order, we shall follow your lead." She turned to the other officers and ordered them to cease what they were doing and listen up. She then turned back to th'Hanera and nodded.
    Soan made an audible gulp sound. She was deferring to him to take charge.  "Um... Okay... I think we should first.. ummm... get up a schematic of the ship so we can start a grid search."
    Flower grinned to herself, relieved that it wasn't just her that was nervous to be in charge.
    The lieutenant smiled and nodded. She tapped the computer console and a large screen on the wall displayed the schematics of the ship. It already had a grid mark overlay on it. Soan walked over to the map and took a look at it.  After studying the diagram a moment, he turned back and started making suggestions as to where they should start.  The lieutenant nodded and tried as hard as she could to not smile throughout his suggestions. Finally she asked, "What are your orders?"
    Seeing she wasn't going to make this easy on him, he said, "My suggestions are my orders, Ma'am."
    "Good," she said firmly, an approving look on her face.     Flower raised her paw. "Perhaps we should split into groups."
    The lieutenant turned to her team and doled out the different grid squares for them to search. Turning back to the cadets, she said,"This is our ship so we shall conduct the search with you two coordinating from here. Sound good, Cadet?"
    "Yes, Ma'am," th'Hanera agreed.
    "The Coalies might still be on this ship," Sheme suggested.
    Th'Hanera turned to Sheme. "They've all been beamed off the ship," he reminded her.
    "okay," Sheme said. Then to the lieutenant, "We will stay here and watch your back."
    "We'll also keep track of your progress through the ship," th'Hanera added. The lieutenant pointed a finger at the Andorian cadet and gave an approving nod.  She then headed out with her teams.
    "Okay, Flower," th'Hanera immediately said.  "Here's a list of who is going where on the ship. Let's not lose this."
    "Not so easy taking charge, is it?" Flower asked, holding the list carefully. She made color marks for each team.
    As he started checking the ship schematic, he said, "It's not the taking charge that threw me. It was the lieutenant just letting me take charge.  I felt funny doing that to a lieutenant."
    "i heard your nervousness," Sheme insisted. "She was showing you respect as a security cadet.  We are here to learn." Flower finished marking the teams.
    "Yeah. She did show me respect," th'Hanera agreed. "And she was also in a teaching mode. I did pick up on that."
    "well, I have all the teams marked a different color to help keep track of them."
    "Good.  I'm going to start an internal sensor sweep to see if we can speed up the search.  As I eliminate certain areas, you can relay that to the appropriate team."
    "Deal, Captain th-Hanera," she replied with a grin.
    "And don't you forget that," th'Hanera jibed in return.
    He started the sensor sweep.  His intentions were to eliminate small crawl spaces and tough areas for the search teams to fit into.  As he eliminated them, he would stated the area to Sheme.
    Flower could tell by his joking back that the trust between them had been mended, "Would I be your commander or chief of security?'
    "I'd have to watch your progress," the Andorian teased.  "Chief of security probably, but you'd have to be something special to be my 'Number One'."
    "How special are we talking about?" She asked, relaing the information to the correct teams.
    "Very special," th'Hanera said.  He tried to hide the smile on his face as he continued scanning with the internal sensors.
    "You have to try harder than that to hide that smile," Sheme said. " You and I make a great team."
    "That's because I am great," he joked to her.  "You feed off my greatness. You know that."
    "That remains to be seen.  We are both great in our own respects." She grinned and gently messed up his hair.
    "Denial is a river on the African continent on Earth," th'Hanera said, chuckling and punching in a new scan command.
    "Silly Blue Boy."
    The search went on for almost two hours.  Each team returned no results.  Finally they returned to the security officer having found no trace of the geologists or the Coalies.
    "Nice work, you two," the lieutenant commented.  "If you're looking for an assignment when you graduate, consider a certain science vessel." She gave them a wink.

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