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Updated Stardate 201901.28

Biographic Information:
Name: T'Marahoi, ___________ (1st name unpronounceable in non-Vulcan tongue)
Preferred Name: T'Marahoi
Age: 100 years (earth standard-still young as Vulcan's go)
Species: Vulcan
Date of Birth: 5109.24 Place of Birth: Vulcan Location: Village Marispring
Eyes: Green Hair: Black
Features: Pointed ears, slanted eyebrows (left one prone to arch)
Mother: T'Pranga Father: Sorick
Husband: Schandel, deceased; Three children: 1 son, 2 daughters

Current Post: StarFleet Academy
Assignment: StarFleet Academy Instructor
Rank: Captain    

Service Record:

Graduated StarFleet; High Honors 0301.09
Received Ensign Commission 0301.09    
Assigned to Everest; Asst Sci Officer 0301.19
Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade 0303.23
Transferred to USS Roddenberry 0309.02    
Assigned as Chief Science Officer
Promoted to Lieutenant 0312.02
Promoted to Fst. Lieutenant 0406.04
Temporary leave from Star Fleet Service 0412.23 “ 0504.19
Return to Service 0504.19
Assigned as Co-Chief of Science 0505.12
Promoted to Lt Commander 0509.13
Assigned to USS Barclay 0601.08; Assignment delayed
Assigned to USS Federation awaiting transfer 0601.15
Promoted to Rank of Commander 0603.05
Assigned to USS Federation as Executive Officer
Promoted to Captain of the USS Federation on 0707.29
Transferred to CO of USS Hermes 0803.02    
Granted Leave of Absence 0809.10
Returned to service 0904.15
Assigned as XO to the USS Independence 0906.15. After three and a half years on the Independence with Captain McMahon, High Command re-assigned her as Captain on the USS Ares.
On 20159.23 T'Marahoi was advanced to the rank of Fleet Captain.
Left StarFleet in search of daughter T'Kara
201901.28 Re-entered Starfleet as Captain and is offered a teaching position at StarFleet Academy    

While serving as Captain of the Ares, daughter T'Kara was assigned as Chief Medical Officer to the same ship and served temporarily as Executive Officer. T'Kara was abducted and taken aboard a ship that apparently exploded. Officially T'Kara was declared deceased. T'Marahoi was unable to accept this and eventually left Star Fleet and went in search of her daughter in a private ship. She discovered that the death of T'Kara had been faked and that she had been held for years as a captive of a rogue extremist Vulcan group and experimented upon. After T'Kara had been recovered, T'Marahoi was approached by Star Fleet. Although it was acceptable to T'Marahoi to return to Star Fleet, it was felt by command that a period of adjustment and transition should be offered before posting to a ship would be considered. Although she had been a Fleet Captain when she left the service, she is no longer acting in that capacity. Her current rank, therefore, is as captain.    

Numerous log awards prior to transfer to the USS Federation

The Lynx List 0303.31
for performing duties above and beyond the call of duty    

Joint Sim Ribbon 0705.07    

T'Marahoi was born in a rural area of Vulcan called Marispring. Her parents were Vulcan scientists well known for their research on dark matter and singularities. T'Marahoi also excelled in the Science field and entered the Vulcan Science Academy and graduated from same by the time she was 20. She joined her parents in various research missions and then went to Earth to study intercultural relations (an interesting side interest) as well as nonlinear dynamics and high energy astrophysics. There she met Schandel, a young Vulcan interning with an Earth politician. He was studying earth culture and politics to work for the Vulcan embassy. They made a connection and began a relationship which led to their mating ritual 5 years later.    

Schandel continued in politics staying on Earth as first an attache, then representative and finally an ambassador. They raised three children, one boy and two girls. All three were interested in science but decided on different specialties. The Boy, Snarf, joined an archeological research vessel and had been on a space mission for three years. The oldest girl, T'Krsita became a medical doctor and is currently living on Vulcan. The youngest girl, T'Kara also attended the Vulcan Science Academy and became a medical physician and shared a medical office with her older sister on Vulcan. Later she also joined Starfleet. Almost 14 years ago, Schandel was killed in a shuttle accident. Since the children were on their own and T'Marahoi was no longer a part of the embassy extended family, she decided to join Starfleet and put her science expertise to good use.    

Having already a science degree, she attended Starfleet Academy for a little over a year to add the necessary Starfleet protocols and procedures to her knowledge base. She was then commissioned as an Ensign and stationed at Starbase Everest as Assistant Science Officer. After being promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, T'Marahoi was on loan to the USS Roddenbery. The posting became permanent and in a few months was promoted to Full Lieutenant. In the meantime, her daughter T'Krista was bonded and her daughter T'Krista and her husband, S'Albie, had their first child. Later her second daughter, T'Kara, joined her sister in a medical practice on Vulcan. Snarf disappeared from the research vessel he was on under suspicious circumstances and was not heard from for some time. Then it was discovered that he was taken by the Romulans and imprisoned for supposed crimes against the Romulan Empire. T'Marahoi attended the trial, such as it was, but was unable to do anything to stop the Romulans from imprisoning her son. Not long afterwards, she came to Romulus, under cover, and was able to find her son in the penal caves. Although she had a plan to get him out of these dire circumstances, her son declined her help, saying simply that honor demanded that he finish his sentence.    

T'Marahoi returned to the Roddenberry and no further contact was made between the two until almost two years later. Snarf was able to get a message through to her to wish her a happy mother's day, in spite of the fact that is not a Vulcan tradition. Two months later she was able to slip back into the penal caves at Romulus to meet with her son. The two years had taken a huge toll on the once logical and proper young Vulcan. To T'Marahoi's disappointment Snarf informed her that his sentence had been augmented by an additional two years for his part in helping a fellow prisoner. That year held more discouragement for T'Marahoi as she was forced to leave the Roddenberry for six months to return to Vulcan to deal with her father's failing health and her family's political problems. However, not to be held back for long, T'Marahoi did return to the Rodd and was able to step back into her position as Chief of Science.    

Not long afterwards, she began sharing that responsibility with her friend Jo Drom, who had also been promoted to Fst Lt. The two worked well together and both were promoted to Lt Commander on the same day. This arrangement lasted only a few months when Star Fleet determined that two chief of science department heads were not necessary for one ship and transferred T'Marahoi to the USS Barclay. The Roddenberry was temporarily at SB 229 and T'Marahoi left the ship to await the arrival of the USS Barclay. However, for reasons that were not explained, the ship was detained elsewhere and she was temporarily assigned to the USS Federation as a science officer. She traveled with the Federation to the space dock at Utopia Planetia and while there was asked to lead a Shuttle mission to the asteroid field on what seemed like a routine repair mission. The temporary posting became permanent when the USS Barclay was reported lost along with most of her crew. She was promoted to the Rank of Commander and given the responsibility of Executive Officer of the USS Federation. After a year and half of service as XO, and many wonderful and exciting missions, T'Marahoi was promoted to the Rank of Captain and given the post of Commanding Officer of the USS Federation.    

Command agreed with T'Marahoi, especially serving aboard a ship with such fine examples of Star Fleet Officers. She and her XO, Commander Ilhana Kreznak, worked extremely well together in leading the USS Federation, making what many would say a perfect team. However, barely 8 months later T'Marahoi was asked to become the CO of the USS Hermes.

However, tragedy once again struck T'Marahoi's family. This time with serious illness of her grandson. She requested and received a leave of absence and returned once more to Vulcan. Several months later, with her grandson on the mend, she returned to active duty and was assigned to the USS Independence as Executive Officer. There she remained for over two years when she was again offered the captain position of a ship, this time the USS Ares.    

In spite of living on Earth for several decades, T'Marahoi prefers to think of herself as an extremely logical Vulcan, goal-orientated and motivated to persist at whatever task she tries. However, because of having lived on Earth for so long, she has developed a high level of acceptance of diversity in others.    

T'Marahoi's leisure time includes meditation, reading, gardening, and playing the violin. She especially appreciates philosophical discussions with her peers. In addition, she has appreciated such activities as hang gliding and mountain climbing.

T'Marahoi received a clean bill of health upon joining Starfleet and maintains a rigorous exercise and diet regime and therefore looks young for her age (although she is still young enough, as Vulcan's go). She sometimes takes part in le-matya hunts on the holodeck to aid in keeping in shape.

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