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Zhenkarian Corsaires - base info

by Adam Android <>
[Stardate ]


Zhenkarian Corsaires:

These blood-thirsty pirates prowl the Tianan and Zhenkarian Star Systems and surrounding sectors preying on freighters and shipping frigates and passenger liners and each other as the opportunity arises.  They steal equipment, supplies, valuables of any and all kinds, and often enough rape and pillage for the sheer pleasure of it.

Zhenkar Prime was once a Dominion subjugate like Tiana, but ran out of useful resources some few decades ago.  When their world was no longer useful, the Dominion abandoned them.  Since then their culture has stagnated and fallen into decline.

The Corsaires began as privateers working for the Dominion, with full legal rights and the support of Jem'Hadar attack cruisers on occassion.  Since the Dominion's withdrawal, many of those formerly honest ships have turned to piracy.

What remains of the official Zhenkarian government is powerless against the Corsaires since most of the starships once under their control are now held by the pirates themselves.  And many of the officials are believed to be corrupt and paid by various Corsaire Captains to turn a blind eye.

Physically, Zhenkarians are large humanoids, standing over 7 feet tall, with bony protrusions on their brows, shoulders, elbows, knees, and knuckles.  They tend to be violent as a species, though some may be less or more violent than others.  As a whole they respond best to bullying rather than conversation.

Zhenkarians, or Zhenks for short, are hairless, but most have a frond-like growth running along the ridge of their skull which can be of any bright color imaginable.  Some go to elaborate lengths to decorate this frond with jewelry or strings or other extravagant displays.  Their skin tends to be of various pastel colors and their eyes tend to be yellowish and are slitted like a Terran cat.

While the Zhenkarians are a culture in decline, they were given advanced technology by the Dominion, up until the Dominion abandoned them.  What technology they had on Zhenkar Prime has begun to break down, and they do not have the means to repair or reinvent.

However, the Corsaires keep their technology top of the line by raiding others.  They have highly advanced sensors, weaponry, shielding, and navigation.  They even have stealth technology (which is not actual cloaking, but rather sensor blinding).

The Corsaires standard operating procedure is to stealthily track a victim from just beyond the victim's sensor range until they have compiled a tactical situation to determine weak spots and the location and quantity of valuable supplies.  Then they quickly approach, still using their stealth mode, and attack from surprise with quantum torpedos and pulse phaser cannons.

Usually, the fight is short duration, and once the victim's shields are down, they use transporters to steal their booty or board the victim's ship as the case may be.

Once they are finished with their raping and pillaging, they return to their ship and take off at high warp, often hiding in a nebula or asteroid field for a few days before finding a docking facility that caters to the Corsaires (there are many in Zhenkarian space).



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