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A Risan Moment ... or two

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by Commander Floyd Calvin
[Stardate ]

A Risan Moment ... or two - January 28, 2158

Calvin was in his quarters, reflecting on his time on Risa. The two ladies that had accompanied him during those two weeks had been quite amazing.

After leaving SIryn and Hawks sitting in the dining area, he headed toward his room, the two ladies walking along side him. Along the way they posed questions to him, some questions being general in nature, followed by more direct questions as he answered
each one in turn.

By the time the trio reached his room, the two ladies knew what would be required of them. After entering his room, Calvin went to his bedroom, stripped down to his birthday suit, and took a hot shower. Upon exiting the shower, each of the two ladies took
turns taking a shower, with the one outside the shower talking to Calvin about his stay on Risa.

Once everyone was showered, Calvin took the suitcase that the ladies had brought with them and placed it on the bed. The two ladies stood on either side of him, looking at each other, then Calvin, nodding and smiling. "I know this may be an unusual ...
request," he started to say, but the raven-haired lady placed a finger on his lips to quiet him, and said, after looking at the maroon-haired one and winking, replied, "Shhh. We've had a ... few ... native people here, and we've studied numerous cultural
races from all over the regions. I think you will be ... very pleased at what we have to offer."

Calvin chose to call the raven-haired one Raven, and the maroon-haired on Marion. He looked at Raven, smiled warmly, then looked at Marion. "It's been quite a while since I've taken the time to do this for more than a few minutes. When I'm aboard my ship,
I feel that I must always be on alert. This will be a ... an eperience that I have not had in quite some time."

Marion smile, then looked at the suitcase, and said, "OK, let's see if we have something that you like." Calvin paused for a moment, then reached down and opened the suitase slowly. After a moment, Raven reached inside it and slowly pulled out an outfit
that she liked. "Very ... intricate." She placed the skimpy outfit next to her body, looked at Calvin, then at Marion, then back down at the outfit, then, with a broad smile, said, "I think I'm going to like this." She slowly removed her clothes, looked
over her new attire, and put it on, with Calvin helping with the fasteners.

After Raven was dressed, Marion took a very ornate outfit out of the suitcase, looked it over, then placed it next to the suitcase. She took out another one, placed it next to her body, then looked at Calvin with a questioned look on her face. "You like?"
Calvin looked her over slowly from top to bottom and back, then, smiling, nodded. "Yes, I think that will do very well."

Marion undressed slowly, taking care to lay her clothes on the edge of the bed, then put the outfit on. After the two ladies were dressed, they came over to Calvin and pranced around for a moment. He smiled, then said, "OK, shall we?"

He lead them to the main room, which served as a living/dining room, sat down on the couch, and motioned for the ladies to set on each side of him. After they sat down, Calvin tapped on the console near the couch The lights were dimmed, a faint fragrance
of patchouli wafted out of the ducts, and some slow, melodic music started to play softly in the background.

After a moment, Calvin tapped the console again, and the music changed to a Native American Indian style, and he started chanting. A few minutes later, the ladies joined him, harmoniously adding their voices to his.


Cdr Floyd Calvin
USS Federation

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