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by Fleet Captain Stewart Hawks
[Stardate ]

   "Heigh Ho Heigh Ho It's Off To Risa We Go."
A Joint Log by
Captain Hawks, Cdr Floyd & Siryn
     Captain Hawks left the party and returned to his office. He sat down and started reviewing the next days duty roster. Then he poured himself some scotch.
    After Siryn finished handing out the presents, he heads to the captain's office carrying a bottle of saurian brandy and a couple of glasses.
    While the captain was approving was approving some transfer requests, the door chime sounded. So he pressed the button on his desk. "Come in."
    The door opened and Siryn walked in, carrying the brandy and the glasses."I wanted to propose a toast considering what we all had gone through."
    "I like the sound of that." Hawks watched him open the bottle and pour the liquid into the glasses.
    Siryn filled the glasses and pushed one over to the captain. "To absent friends, may they always be remembered till we are reunited once more."
    "Hear, hear." Hawks leaned forward and clicked his glass against Siryn's.
    They both took a sip of the fiery liquid. Hawks coughed after taking a sip. "Smooth." he said with a rasp in his voice.
    Siryn winced as well at the strength of the drink. "Really, and I'm not much of a drinker."
    Hawks looked at him. "I've been drinking scotch all night. Probably going to feel this in the morning."
    Siryn nodded. "I can get you something for that is you want."
    Hawks leaned back in his chair. "Doc, I think I'm going to concentrate in my career and forget about women."
    "You can do both."
    "I feel that you can't trust them."
    "You just need to find the right now."
    Hawks looked into his glass and swirled the liquid. "Thought I did."
    Hawks propped hid feet up on his desk. "Maybe it's time for a change of scenery, doc. Command wants me to head the Strategic Operations Department at Starfleet. Means that I would be planning all operations for the war. Also means a promotion to vice admiral."
    Siryn nodded. "I hear they are giving us a month's leave to get the Federation back in shape with all the new upgrades. I was thinking of  checking out Risa. Want to come along?"
    "Wish I could. I have meetings the entire month. Can't get out of them." Hawks thought a couple of seconds.  "Know what? I can put off those meetings for a week." He started accessing his computer. "I can pull in some favors and get us a ride on........the Alexander. How soon can you be packed?"
    "Will fifteen minutes be enough? I keep a carry-all packed and ready in case I'm called away at the last minute for something. I just need to grab a couple of things from my quarters." Siryn told his Captain.
    "Meet you on the base."
    "You want to grab Commander Calvin and see if he wants to make a guy's trip of it? I'll see you there at the Wild Bill Saloon Restaurant in half an hour at most." Siryn got up and headed for his quarters to get the carry-all with everything he thought he'd need for the excursion. Though not into gambling or any of the more "usual" activities, he thought it would be a good way to make sure the captain relaxed. He also had further schemes of  his own to put into play.
    "I'll find him and see if he's in."
     Calvin had finished his "one more drink", and was still sitting at the bar, just looking at the empty glass. "I'm going to have one helluva hangover tomorrow." He spun the glass around and watched it teeter on it's edge, spinning around like a coin on edge, until it finally settled down on it's bottom.
    "OK, it's time for some sleep." He got up from the bar stool, looked around to see the place almost empty, and walked toward the cargo bay door. It slid open, and he walked through, muttering to himself. "Hmmph. I may have quite the hangover in the morning."

    Outside the cargo bay the hallway was empty. Calvin slowly walked over to the turbolift, went in, and, after it opened on the officer's deck, slowly made his way to his compartment. He stopped short of pressing the actuator, and stood there for a moment. "We're going to be her for a month while the ship is getting repaired and refurbished. That's a long time to stay in one spot."

    Calvin pressed the actuator and entered his compartment. "I think I will take some time to do some relaxing." He pressed the communication button to contact the Captain.
    Hawks pressed the button on his commpanel. "Go ahead."
    The Captain's voice seemed to reverberate through his head. He let out a moan, then continued "Sir. I was thinking that I would like to take some R&R time to... recuperate from our last ordeal."
    "Commander...good thing you contacted me. Siryn and I are going to Risa for 2 weeks. You want in?"

    Calvin placed his head in his hands. "Risa." he muttered. His mind quickly went over the details of the last time he was on Risa. After a few seconds, he replied, "Oh, hell, why not. It'll take me just a few minutes to pack."

    "Meet us at the Wild Bill Saloon Restaurant on the station. We'll be passengers on a starship, so wear your duty uniform...otherwise pack whatever you think you'll need. Captain out." Finally...a vacation...forget about my problems.

    When the other two men got there, Siryn was waiting at the bar with his carry-all, sipping on some fruit drink and watching the door. He waved as he spotted them and nodded to the Andorian bartender to bring the drinks he had preordered for them. "Greetings, Gentlemen, what kept you? I finished the arrangements you started, Captain. The Alexander is expecting the three of us in two and a half hours, Docking Bay 66."

    A pair of green skinned beauties in bright, period-style dancing girl outfits and matching  feathers in their hair came over and perched on either side of the two newcomers, trying to playfully entice them into who knew what in the rooms at the top of the stairs. They knew that they'd get nowhere with the Vulcan.They had already tried.

     Calvin had his uniform on, as neat as a pin as usual. He had a rather large backpack dangling from his left hand. He glanced at the girl at his side, smiled slightly, and shook his head with a slow and decisive motion, to make sure she understood that he was not interested in anything they had to offer.

    He walked over to where Siryn was standing, and said "I had to pack lightly for our little vacation." Calvin gently sat the backpack on the floor, and continued, "I'm ready to go."
    The 2 green women decided to entice the human captain since the others didn't care for them. "Gentlemen. We have 2 hours to kill. Let's start the vacation early, shall we?"
     "To mangle the Bard, 'Lead on, Macduff. We burn Starlight.'" Siryn smiled and downed the last of his drink, ready to go.
     Calvin nodded. "What he said."
     Siryn chuckled and looked to his Captain as to what he wanted to pass the time doing till it was time to report to the Alexander.
    Hawks looked at his 2 officers, then looked at the 2 lovely women on either side of him and sighed. "Sorry ladies, I've been outvoted." The 2 females left, disappointed. "Gentlemen. I'm sure we can board the Alexander early, but expect to be given a tour of the ship."
    The trio boarded the Alexander, escorted to their quarters, and, as he predicted, given a tour of the ship.
    The trip took about 7 days. So they spent the time in their quarters, in the ship's gym, having dinner with the captain and senior officers.
    When they finally arrived at Risa, they beamed down directly to their individual suites. The first night there, they had dinner together. While they were sitting at their table, 6 beautiful Risan women approached them and asked if they could sit with them and keep them company.
    Hawks looked at Siryn and Floyd. "Gentlemen?"
    "Your choice, gentlemen. I'm just here to see that you stay out of too much trouble to be dealt with." Siryn told them with a smile. He already had lined up some medical conferences on delayed tape feed that he was going to be listening to without the usual interruptions in Sickbay.

    Calvin looked at Siryn, then Hawks. "I vote yes. We can welcome the ladies to our table. Then, later, I have some deep meditation that I want to do first, before I decide on anything else."
    Siryn nodded. "Sounds good to  me. Your call, Captain."
    Hawks signaled the waiters to bring more chairs. "Ladies, please join us." Once the chairs arrived, the ladies sat, 2 to each male. Hawks put his arms around the 2 near him. "Now this is a vacation!!"

    Calvin leaned back in his chair, while one of the ladies massaged his shoulders. The other one sat close and whispered in his ear. After a few minutes, he smiled, and said, "I think it's time I retired to my room." He stood up and walked out of the dining area.
    Siryn smiled and shook his head at Calvin's retreat, his two ladies in tow. "Enjoy yourself, Commander."  He smiled at the Captain and the two ladies, a redhead and a blonde, that were ministering to his needs. The two more "mousy,  bookwormish" types that were next to him seemed rather bored with the whole idea of the club scene and would rather be researching something more intriguing than raging testosterone levels in the clientele. He supposed that they saw him as safer than the other space-faring men, considering the known Vulcan propensity for not engaging in amorous activities except with their mate.  "Captain, will you be alright with your fair ladies?" He nodded to the ladies with him, who happened to have the names of Scholastica and Hypatia. He secretly wondered if those were just their monikers in the "trade" or if those were their real names. "Ladies, from what I could tell from the Meteorological reports, the night would be clear enough and dark enough to do some deep-sky stargazing and I have a small telescope in my carry-all if you would be interested..."
    The relief that they would not be required for "Bedroom Gymnastics" showed plainly on their faces. Within seconds, since they were both interested in the subject from someone that had been out among the stars, they stood up and were waiting for him to get his 'scope for them to make an evening of a private star party, Hypatia making sure to grab a large basket of edibles for them to nibble on throughout the night. "Captain, I'll see you sometime tomorrow." Siryn told him before leaving him alone as well with his brace of beauties.
    "Well ladies...looks like we lost my friends. Shall we retire to my quarters?" The ladies smiled and nodded. Hawks grabbed a bottle of wine while the ladies grabbed some glasses and a bowl of fruit. The ladies took turns kissing him, and when they reached his quarters, they led him into the bedroom, where they pushed him on the bed, opened the wine and laid next to him as they drank and feed him pieces of fruit.

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