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Holiday Celebrations

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by Lieutenant Daeniri Blackfyre & Lieutenant Vladimir Ozimov
[Stardate ]


Ozimov and Daeniri left the cargo bay party among other crew members, and headed toward the turbolift. All along the way he glanced in her direction, smiling warmly. Silently, he was thinking, “How did this happen? I was just expecting to have a little fun, perhaps getting a kiss on the cheek from Miaka, and maybe a smile from Niri… “I better not call her that”, he thought. “… better yet, I better not say that outloud to anyone… a smile from Daeniri. I never imagined I would get such a passionate kiss from anyone. Yes, I like to think that I’m quite the lady’s man, but, in reality...”

She’d walked quietly alongside Vladimir, a sly grin on her features the entire time.  Daeniri’s lavender gaze inspected their surroundings as they walked, then fell to the other revelers near the turbolift.  Her fingers tightened around the engineer’s hand and she pressed closer to him.  She inhaled deeply, the box in her hand held behind her back as she leaned against the Russian, enjoying the light fragrances emanating from his person.

The turbolift doors opened from the command of a couple of partiers, and Ozimov and Daeniri stepped into the turbolift with the others. Some of them were headed back to their respective ships, some of them were headed to their quarters.

“Quarters”, Vladimer said outloud. His quarters were not the most hospitable place. He tended to keep his quarters very spartan, very minimalistic. This was his way of being prepared for anything… well, now, almost anything. He wasn’t prepared for this. Well, he was prepared for whatever happened, but, his quarters were a different story.

“How long have you been on the Federation?” she asked quietly, her voice soft and silky.  It was an innocent question, but there was so much more in the asking.  Would he respond quickly and thoroughly?  Meaning he had his wits about him.  Would he stutter?  If he was nervous, yes, or choke on the words themselves.  The best indicator would be how he looked at her when he answered.  Daeniri’s curious gaze trailed up from his lips, watching the faint clench of his jaw by the tightening of the muscle in his cheek, finally focusing on Vladimir’s rich brown irises.

He turned to her and looked deep into her eyes, wondering what she would think when… if… she saw his quarters. She might run screaming, never to look back.

Well, whatever happened tonight, he would remember this Christmas party.

Her question brought him quickly back to reality. He smiled warmly, looking into those lavender eyes, and replied “I’ve been on the Fed since it was put into service. Since 2155. It was, or is, my first assignment on a starship. And I tell you, it has been and interesting, and fascinating experience. The crew is quite the tight knit group.”

Ozimov stopped. He didn’t want to be one of those people who rambled on incessantly about himself. “And you, how is it that the Federation is graced with you presence?”, he asked.

“Hmm,” she answered, humming softly as they walked toward his quarters.  Daeniri slid her free hand to hold his elbow, fingers squeezing the hand she held.  “I was working on the verteron array project, assisting the Dean of Science at the Academy before that.  Apparently the Federation was without a Chief of Science so they asked me.”  The lieutenant grinned impishly.  It wasn’t that she was bored or disinterested, but the tone in her voice could lead one to believe her heart wasn’t into conversation.  Her expressive eyes revealed her true intention: lust.

Ozimov felt Daeniri’s fingers squeezing his hand, and her other hand taking hold of his elbow. Just then the turbolift stopped on the deck where their quarters were, and they both stepped off the turbolift together. The doors closed behind them. Ozimov turned and looked into her eyes, smiled, and asked, “Your place, or mine?”

A coy smile graced her features and she began walk down the hall, pulling him along.  “Yours, of course,” Daeniri sang softly.  “Tell me how you celebrate.”

Ozimov raised his eyebrows. “How I celebrate?” He continued with Daeniri to his quarters, pressed the control to open the door, and they entered. He turned and pressed a few buttons, to set the annunciator to do-not-disturb, then turned and pulled her close to him. “That depends on what I am celebrating. Tonight I would like to celebrate with a little wine, getting comfortable, and have my way with you.”

Her laugh carried lightly as she wrapped her arms around his neck.  The science officer smiled sensually, her chin dipping so she could look at Vladimir through her lashes.  “Tonight you celebrate me.”  Her lavender gaze did not linger around the quarters, instead focusing on the engineer.  Her body moved against his, nearly melding with him as she reached her lips for his.  Daeniri’s eyes fell closed as passion took over her.

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