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  Fleet Captain Stewart Hawks, SD
A Log by Dr Lawson
Fleet Captain Hawks
    "Just one....will you have dinner with me tonight?"
    Bree was surprised by the invitation. "Dinner? You? Me?"
    "If you have other plans we can do it some other time."
    Bree had already scheduled dinner with her grandfather, but that could wait until tomorrow. "No, captain, I would like to have dinner with you tonight."
    "Captain's mess on the station? 1700 hours?"
    Bree quickly calculated the correct time. "Sounds fine."
    "See you then." Hawks turned and left the arboretum.
    Amanda walked up to Bree. "My..he works fast. Dinner? You do know about his reputation."
    "I know....I just find him....interesting...and besides, it's only dinner."
    Amanda looked at him. "I did see him first, but obviously he likes you more. Wonder what the 1st officer looks like. What are you going to wear?"
    They walked to the arboretum door, exited and headed to Bree's quarters.
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