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**IMP** Joint SIM - Starbase Everest/USF Federation Mission Briefing - Stardate 11008.22
Mission Briefing - Stardate 11008.22
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Condition: Condition Red
Location: Outside Thelian Sector
Mission Background:
The Borg. The most dangerous enemy the Federation has known. The Borg have assaulted the outpost on Thelian III. All communication has been lost with the outpost and her crew. The last contact provided that the Borg had overtaken the outer portions of the base. They have commandeered her landing pad and destroyed all shuttles and defense craft. 

Thelian III is a relatively small M-Class planet that shares Thelian, her orange star, with 8 sisters. Thelian III has no known inhabitants. There is an important Federation outpost with a contingency of over 1500 officers, scientists, and military families. Thelian III?s proximity to the Romulan Neutral Zone defines the importance of this outpost. 

Mission Objectives:
The Borg must be stopped. The outpost is not equipped to repel an invasion of this magnitude. Furthermore, the Borg cube was lost to sensors once the preliminary neutralization parties beamed to the surface.  

Security: Assist the outpost in her defense of the Borg. Starfleet command has offered all the assistance possible. Full weaponry is permitted including Type II Phaser Rifles and concussion grenades. The defense of Thelian III is paramount above all else. 

Medical: Treat any wounded. Furthermore, try to help the survivors cope. A casualty count is guesswork since contact with the outpost has been lost. 

Tactical: Find that Borg cube. The Borg do not generally leave their drones abandoned. The possibility that the cube has gone into one of its conduits, or changed to a different target is high. Other worlds cannot be put into jeopardy. 

Command: The Federation and Everest are to pool their resources for this venture. Command must deal with the strategy and changes of the conflict in time. 

And having fun is always a standing order!!
Commander Loriarra (USS Federation) - potential, one week
Lt. Orion (Starbase Everest) - gamma shift
If you need to report an absences, or have any questions or concerns,
please e-mail you CO/XO!!
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