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  Captain Stewart Hawks, SD
Mission Brief


NCC 2100-E

"From this place, we will deliver notice to the parliaments of conquerors that a line has been drawn against the darkness, and we will hold that line, no matter the cost."

-Bridge Dedication Plaque-


Alert Status: Green

Once the ship was fully repaired and operational, the Fed traveled to the Sol system to attempt a slingshot manuever to return us to our own time.
As the ship entered the system, the captain ordered full scans of the entire system for historic purposes. As the ship approached Earth, the scanners picked up an unknown power source not native to the planet of this era. Further analysis determined that the source of the power was Polaric Ions, which are unstable, and not usually found outside a lab. Readings indicated that the power source was coming from a region of the Swiss Alps, just outside a small town.
After the Captain and Commander discussed the matter, it was decided that 2 away teams be sent down to investigate. Team 1 will be headed by Cmdr. Loriarra, and consist of Lt. JG Ka'tel and Ensign Childers. Team 2 will be lead by Lt. Cmdr. Swenson, and consist of Fst. Lt. Crow and Ensign Sianko.
Tonight's Objective:
Beam down outside the town and enter the town to investigate and locate the location of the power source. All AT members will be dressed in time appropriate clothing, any "alien" features (i.e. pointed ears, webbed hands, etc.) need to be hidden.
Utmost caution is needed to avoid detection by the local inhabitants.


Captain Hawks & Commander Loriarra

Command Staff

USS Federation

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