USS Federation Mission Brief
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Tonight's Brief


NCC 2100-E

"From this place, we will deliver notice to the parliaments of conquerors that a line has been drawn against the darkness, and we will hold that line, no matter the cost."

-Bridge Dedication Plaque-


Alert Status: Green

The dilithuim provided by the Akkarians is currently being tested in engineering to see if it's stable enough to provide power to our warp engines. If it is, we'll finally be leaving this system and try to return to our time. In order to use the slingshot manuever, Lt. KaTel has looked for a suitable star. And the one he found is Earth's Sol, so once the engines are online, we'll be traveling to Earth.


Tonight's Objective:
First: Finish all repairs to the ship and make ready to get under way.
Second: Say our goodbyes to the Akkarians.
Third: Procede to Earth. While in the system, run full scans for historic purposes. 

Captain Hawks & Commander Loriarra

Command Staff

USS Federation

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