USS Federation Mission Brief
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Tonight's brief


NCC 2100-E

"From this place, we will deliver notice to the parliaments of conquerors that a line has been drawn against the darkness, and we will hold that line, no matter the cost."

-Bridge Dedication Plaque-


Alert Status: RED

The USS Federation arrived at Starbase 23. There, the Romulans aboard the Fed, were to be transferred to the Romulan representive for transport home.
The Envoy requested the priviledge of hosting a gathering to honer the Fed crew for their continued service towards the Romulan Star Empire.
During the party, the Envoy was murdered. Dr Parker Voss, chief medical officer of the Fed, was discovered standing over the body, holding what appears to be the murder weapon.
Lt Cmdr Lars Swenson, Starfleet's expert on Romulan/Klingon tactics, is leading the investigation into the murder. He has ordered forsenic experts to SB23 to find how the murder actually took place.
Meanwhile, 5 Romulan Warbirds are approaching the station. Someone told them of the murder. The question is: who?


Tonight's Objective:
The Romulan commander has agreed to keep 4 warbirds away from the station while she personally looks into our investigation of the ambassador's murder. Commander Loriarra and LtCmdr Swenson continue their interrogation of the 3 Romulan aides.

Captain Hawks & Commander Loriarra

Command Staff

USS Federation

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