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NCC 2100-E

"From this place, we will deliver notice to the parliaments of conquerors that a line has been drawn against the darkness, and we will hold that line, no matter the cost."

-Bridge Dedication Plaque-


Alert Status: YELLOW ALERT


Some time after the Hobus explosion...

While holding position somewhere along the Romulan Neutral Zone, sensors have detected life signs on a planet that is supposedly uninhabited. Though, before we could investigate, a Starfleet shuttle arrived in close proximity to the Federation by means unknown. After going through normal alert protocols, it was confirmed that the occupants of the shuttle were indeed who they claimed to be, Starfleet officers from the USS Lexington (which is currently on a mission far out from known Federation territory). Their shuttle was allowed to board, and Captain Hawks invited them to meet with him on the bridge and explain the technology used to jump this enormous distance.

After briefly getting acquainted with the group from the Lexington, the investigation into the matter of the life signs on the normally uninhabited planet continued. The Federation traveled to the system in question, which lays just inside the bounds of the Neutral Zone, and zeroed in on the planet that Science pinpointed as the location of the life signs. To our surprise, analysis showed that the life signs most likely were Klingon. We hailed the planet, but after no reply was made, went to yellow alert. According to available data, it seems whoever is on the planet did not arrive there because their craft crashed. Which leaves the obvious question, why are they there?

After the AT, in the shuttle Horizon, passed through the atmospheric disturbances and zeroed in on the life sign readings that came from a compound to the NNE, they unexpectedly came under weapons fire. Taking a bit of a beating, the Horizon turned about and returned fire, though it was apparent that the ground force had better weapons. When a missile was shot down by Fst. Lt. Crow but still did damage to the shields, Cmdr. Loriarra decided to land the shuttle instead of trying to make it back through the rough atmosphere with the shields in bad condition. The AT landed in the middle of a dense forest and began repairs on the shields, as well as trying to re-establish communications with the Federation, which they had lost. It appeared that the loss of communication might be due to someone jamming the signal.

Leaving a couple of crew members behind in the Horizon, the rest of the AT made their way to the location from which the weapon's fire originated. At first they could not make out anything, despite tricorder readings picking up a power signature, though fluctuating. On getting closer, and the power started cutting out more and more, and the AT was able to identify what appeared to be a crashed shuttle. Just then, they were attacked by two Romulans, but they were taken down quickly. The power suddenly dropped completely and a Romulan shuttle was revealed right before them in the thicked of the forest's brush. After another Romulan came out of the shuttle and was shot down, a female appeared and begged for cease fire. She identified herself as Subcommander Malek and told the AT that all her crew was either dead or severely injured.

Moments after two AT left to go back to the Horizon to check on their status and who was attacking them, a group of Klingons arrived at the Romulan shuttle's location. They immediately shot Malek, despite Commander Loriarra trying to interfere. When Lt. JG Ka'Tel accidentally took out the XO in an attempt to stun one of the Klingons, Fst. Lt. Crow was faced with trying to resolve the situation. After a brief confrontation with a couple of the Klingons, Crow was outnumbered. In the meantime, Ka'Tel was able to help the XO and she ended up confronting the lead Klingon with taking an aggressive stance and reminding them that the Federation and Klingons were allies. She also made clear that the Romulans were Federation prisoners, which was simply a ruse to keep the Klingons from attacking the wounded Romulans. In the end, the Klingons agreed to stop jamming the AT communication with the Federation and went off to find their comrades that had been overtaken and bound by Chief Calibdris and PO Beckett. The Federation was contacted and the Devonshire was sent down to pick up injured, while the Horizon was instructed to pick up the AT.

Fetching the injured from the surface went without a hitch. While the injured Romulan crew was beamed directly to sickbay up in orbit, the Romulan Subcommander activated the self-destruct sequence on their shuttle, and then all left boarded the Horizon. Moments later, the Romulan shuttle went out in a big explosion, just as the Horizon was leaving the atmosphere. After telling the Subcommander to report to sickbay, the XO headed straight to see the Captain. While Loriarra gave her report on the events on the planet, word reached Captain Hawks that a Klingon BoP had emerged from the planet and was on direct course to the Federation.

After Commander Loriarra had explained to Captain Hawks why the Klingon ship was approaching, he hailed them and spoke to their Commander, Kovar of the House of Be'leth. Hawks invited them over and met with Kovar and two of his men in the observation lounge of the Fed. Fst. Lt. Crow and a contingency of security guards were also present, as well as Lt. JG Ka'Tel, who had he data recordings from the surface with him. Following a brief but heated discussion on why the Klingons were on that planet in the NZ, one of Kovar's men clashed with Ka'Tel, pulled his bat'leth, and cut the Science officer's arm off. Crow stunned the second Klingon guard before he could join in the fray and was just about to arrest and take the first one to the brig, when Kovar activated some sort of emergency transport and beamed all three of them back to the Klingon ship. Hawks lost no time to send the Federation on hot pursuit. While Ka'Tel was beamed to hydroponics and received emergency treatment, the Fed was catching up on the BoP.

Hawks hailed the Klingons several more times, but no reply came back, before he ordered to target the ship. Just as Fst. Lt. Crow fired on them, they cloaked and slip away from the Federation's grasp. Highly irritated, Hawks contacted SF Command, while Loriarra made contact with the Klingon HC. They denied any support of Kovar, and even said he had been relieved of command and was no longer considered a part of the Klingon Empire. They even gave the Commander a location of a possible base Kovar was using. After finishing his talk with SFC, Captain Hawks ordered the Fed to return to the planet in the NZ, where the Klingons had been encountered, hoping to learn more about them from the compound they had left behind.

After taking a shuttle back down to the planet where it had all begun, the AT discovered the compound to be abandoned. While Security secured the perimeters, the rest of the AT entered the main building and discovered a sort of laboratory... computers and a row of cages. Lt. JG Ka'Tel managed to hack into the computer database, while Dr. Voss found evidence of mixed DNA around and in the cages. A tense discussion followed, which led to the only plausible conclusion: this rogue Klingon faction had been dabbling into experiments combining Klingon and Romulan DNA, enhanced with animal trades, like agility, strength, and endurance. What exactly this will mean is still written in the stars. But one things seems to be clear, this faction must be stopped... at any cost.

Trying to catch up to Kovar's ship or perhaps even overtake it, the Federation needed to move at maximum speed toward the coordinates Commander Loriarra had obtained from the Klingon Council member. Lt. JG Ka'Tel suggested using the gravitational pull of a nearby black hole to sling-shot the ship at higher speed toward its destination. Ensign Theerk, the Helmsman, agreed that it could be done, but the XO wasn't so sure. However, after intense calculations and the backing of Chief Science officer T'Lyn, Commander Loriarra agreed to execute the dangerous maneuver.

Tonight's Objective:

Hold on to your pants, we are going on a ride! After executing the sling-shot maneuver (hopefully successfully), we will have to find that supposed base of the rogue Klingon faction quickly and figure out how to not let them slip through our fingers again.

Captain Hawks & Commander Loriarra

Command Staff

USS Federation

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