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Operation Thelian III Award

[Stardate ]

Login Greetings!

In behalf of the command staff of both the USS Federation and Starbase Everest, I'm happy to award all crew members that have participated in the Joint Sim operation revolving around the defense of the Federation outpost on Thelian III with a special ribbon.


The two deltas represent the two ships involved. The blue lines stand for the planetary outpost on Thelian III. The black square in the middle depicts the Borg cube, and the crossing red linesĀ  symbolize its annihilation.
You may refer to this award in character as well, calling it "Operation Thelian III" or "Defense Operation Thelian III", whichever you prefer.

This award will display on the Core in your Character Stats page, under the USF File tab.

Congratulations to you all for great work!

Commander Loriarra
Executive Officer
USS Federation

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