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Mother and Child Reunion

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by MCPO Thompson Gunn & Lieutenant Mahrek of House Kehdar
[Stardate ]


USS Columbia NCC--66513-C
Lt Mahrek, House of Kehdar
LtJg Thompson Gunn
Catt Lyn Gunn (Guest appearance by USFKitty)
Peter Gunn
PL “Mother and Child Reunion”

Mahrek was sitting at his desk in Security, going over all the final drafts for the Tactical and Security reports that would be sent in with the Captain’s reports to SFHQ. Going through the incoming reports as well, he saw that Gunn’s wife had just given birth to their son so he called Gunn over to his desk for a discussion. He also had a surprise for the young Security officer that the Captain had been more than happy to sign off on. ++Gunn, I need to see you in my office, Immediately if not sooner.++ He had already palmed the box that held the new black and gold pip in it so that Gunn couldn’t see it when he came in.

It wasn’t long till the younger officer came in and started to report but Mahrek shut him up in a hurry with “Ensign, Why are you out of uniform? This is a total disgrace not just to yourself, but to the department, this ship and Starfleet as a whole! Here!! You better get dressed appropriately in the next thirty seconds or you’re going to be on report!!!”    

He tossed the confused and spluttering man the box and then helped him get the new pip placed appropriately on his collar. ”There that’s better, Lieutenant. Now, the real reason I was wanting to talk to you is about that new family addition of yours… I know that you are a little short of time for a good stay with your wife and son, so… While we’re in for repairs, you go and see them, I’ll cover the hours you need with my own.” Mahrek told Thompson. ”I have more than enough and all my family is back on Qo’Nos so you go enjoy yours for me.”    

He handed Gunn another box that had been incongruously wrapped in a pale blue background teddy bear print paper and a white ribbon. “This is for the little guy and I know you’ll be able to explain the significance of it when he’s old enough to understand.” Mahrek grinned and handed Thompson a daqtagh with a snarling grint hound on the pommel. “ If you don’t mind, I’d like to adopt you and your family to become part of our clan.”

Thompson was shocked, “Thank you, sir,” he looked at the bear print and back to his department head. “Sir May I ask you something personal? He hesitated for an answer.

“Go ahead, Thompson, you know I’m not the type to bite your head off without reason.” Mahrek told him.

“Do you have children back on Qo’nos?” he asked “if so how do you compensate for being away from them so long? Just missing the birth has torn me apart even though I know my wife is strong, I feel I should have been there. I am sure you understand the feeling.” the young man bowed his head. “You Know how it is we can’t be in two places at one time.”

Mahrek shook his head, “No I have no children for my father to spoil with tales of the past greatness of the Sons of Kahless. It is to others of my siblings that he will have to look for grandchildren, since I am incapable of it as far as I know. He told me that if I found a worthy person or people among my contacts in Starfleet he would accept them as my children. And so I’m asking you and your family to become my oathchildren.”

“Your Oathchildren, like a stepson and stepdaughter you mean?” he reacted.

“No, no ‘steps’ to it. If you accept, you would recognized to be my son and your lady would be recognized as my daughter.” Mahrek told him.

“I will talk to Catt about it when I see her, but as for my answer, sir. I would be honored. Would such an agreement need to be acknowledged by your House with any rites or ceremonies? Would we have a dual citizenship within the Federation and the Empire or would we have to denounce our Federation membership… our blood heritage to enjoy the benefits of the Klingon Empire?”

“I would not have you give up anything you have achieved here and there are a number of dual citizens in the Federation as well as in the Klingon Empire so that takes care of that and there is a small ceremony between the ones involved and their friends to seal the adoption, but nothing too onerous by your standards.” Mahrek replied.

“There used to be a tradition on earth known as “blood-brotherhood” maybe I could at least share that ritual with you if my wife rejects your kind offers sir because our child is not of an age to decide if he wishes to be included in the Klingon culture as well as humanity.”

“We would not force him to choose his path till he is ready and knows all the ramifications of his choice and how they would play out for his life, but he would always be accorded the protection of our House as being from your loins, even as your lady would be honored as a Matriarch of our House by being mated to you.”Mahrek told him. “If they feel the Klingon Way is too much for them then they are welcome to stay as they are but still under the protection of the House of Kehdar.”


Catt made sure that Peter was ready to go before she took a look in the mirror to ensure she was presentable. She thought she looked a bit tired but being the mother of a newborn and a Starfleet officer stationed away from her husband Thompson, made late nights and early mornings impossible to avoid.

Today, she was going to be reunited with the love of her life and would have the pleasure of introducing him to his infant son. She didn’t think he would care if she looked a little tired but she swiped a bit of powder on her nose and dabbed a bit of clear gloss on her lips before rushing out with the baby to rendezvous with her husband.

Thompson arrived on the receiving pad at precisely 0900. He did not want to take advantage of Mahrek and or his good nature. The visit would be only a day. As he shimmered into his spot he saw his partner in life waiting by the transporter console. A smile spread across his face.

     Catt rushed Thompson and embraced him gently, the baby was pressed between them. “Tommy, meet Peter, your firstborn son.” She said proudly. “Do you want to hold him?”

     “Looking back into her eyes then to the child he felt his legs wobble beneath him, His son, He swallowed hard, “He has your father's eyes.” he looked up to met her gaze. “You are looking amazing...hard to believe this guy is only a month old. He‘s so big. Thompson looked like a fish out of water like most first time fathers .”I’m am afraid I would drop him..” he admitted sheepishly.

“It’s ok. All you have to do is support his little bottom in one hand and his head in the other.” She demonstrated the technique while cuddling the baby close to her body.

“Fine looking lad you got there, Lieutenant.” The chief chimed in..”trust me my first daughter I was all thumbs. It happens to all us guys the first time we hold another life in our arms.”

“Lieutenant!” she echoed with a bit of jubilation in her voice.

Thompson nodded, “Just this morning...I am just as supposed as you.”

“Well now you outrank me,” She said with a smile.

“Well then my first order of business is to get us home. I have something important to discuss with you on the way.” he added.

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