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Training with the Untouchables

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by Cmdr Oll Fen'Ton
[Stardate ]


USS Columbia NCC-99513-C
SD 201811.21
LtJG Elliot Ness
Ens. Thompson Gunn
Ens. Johnny Law
Ens. Jimmy Malone
Ens. George Stone
Ens. Oscar Wallace
DL - Training with the Untouchables

Thompson had been ordered to the holodeck where he and several others in his department were ordered to take part in a 1920’s style raid for contraband. He guessed the Chief of Security was a fan of the era because the other officer came dressed in the period appropriate attire for a federal G man.
Thompson recalled that the officers last name was Ness, and when one of the other officers called him Elliot it all made sense. Before him stood the descendant of the leader of the Untouchables.
“Johnny Law, you are going to be a crooked cop today. Thompson you have to make contact with him using any period means you can. You have the dirt on him, and if he doesn’t turn, Big Al’s orders are clear… you take him out and his family.” Elliot ordered.
“Johnny you have a wife and two kids. Your problem is you have had a bad gambling habit and like your drink even though it is illegal at this time. You owe the bookies more than you take home in two months. Malone, Stone and I may have to use you to get to the gang member putting the screws to you.” Elliot informed the other men. “This is a training exercise.”
Thompson had been Informed that other crew members would be playing along in the scenario as barkeeps, civilians and even big Al Capone himself.


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